5 Essential Digital Marketing Tips to Live By


Some of the most powerful digital marketing tips around are some of the easiest to implement. Getting your website mobile-ready, creating unforgettable marketing campaigns, and writing longer content are just the tip of the digital marketing iceberg.

Looking over your business website and getting it ready for a marketing upgrade is important in today’s digital world.

However you optimize it, you want to carefully pick the digital marketing strategies you want to use. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a great start. Read on for five essential digital marketing tips to live by!

1. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile websites drive more than half of the global website traffic. That’s why it’s important to have a website that is optimized for mobile devices. A Google research survey showed that almost fifty percent of people surveyed wouldn’t return to a website after a terrible mobile experience.

Making your website not just mobile friendly, but mobile optimized is important to get traffic. A responsive business website insures that you’ll get a lot of returning traffic. Working with a web developer to get your website looking good on mobile is as important as other online marketing strategies, like search engine optimization.

2. Create Email Campaigns

Email campaigns, when done right, can bring in more money and customers than you would expect. Set up automation so visitors to your business website get a quick thank you email for stopping by. If they sign up for your list or newsletter, a fast welcome email is a great way to engage with your visitors.

If your business website has a shopping cart, you can send out recovery emails reminding your visitors they didn’t finish their purchase. When running a business sometimes you need to be pushy. Reminding people about their unfinished purchases is the right amount of pushy and gets more customers!

3. Write Longer Blogs

You don’t need to be a digital marketing specialist to write better blogs. Blogs are the main source of content bringing your visitors back to your website. When you write longer posts, you convert more customers.

4. Take Advantage of Remarketing

If your visitors have cookies enabled, then you can use their recent browsing history to market items to them. You can use Google Ads to display ads that take advantage of visitors’ browsing habits.

5. Create Visual Content

Videos are a popular pastime online. You can use them to convert visitors to customers using videos in your emails or even in the background of your business websites. A gorgeous website background video is a great way to catch your visitor’s attention!

Digital Marketing Tips to Live By

Using these digital marketing tips will convert your visitors into customers and allow you to sell more items to them. You can keep engagement high with your visitors with these digital marketing strategies. Online marketing is hard, but if you follow these tips you’ll get the hang of it fast!

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