5 Higher Education Marketing Strategies for 2022


The success of your higher education depends on your ability to attract students. While college applications nationwide are at record levels, the majority of non-elite schools are still struggling to fill classrooms.

If you want to stay competitive, you need the right higher education marketing strategies. With this two-minute explainer, you can find out the exact steps to take if you want to up your marketing game and attract more high-quality candidates.

1. Audit Your Web Presence

Your website is essential to all of your marketing strategies. It is the single, crucial resource that students will consult before making an application. Therefore, you need to make sure that it works as an effective marketing tool.

This means conducting a thorough audit of your existing web pages to see what needs to be improved.

As this guide to SEO for higher education explains, removing defunct pages and “thin” content can quickly boost your site’s rankings on Google search results. Meanwhile, using SEO services will make it easier for you to engage your target audience at the right time.

2. Secure Endorsements

You should never expect potential students to take your word for it. Instead, gather endorsements from current and former students who can tell future students what awaits them.

You can use video testimonials on your site, as well as social media posts that give a brief but informative insight into what your college can provide.

You can also make use of faculty testimonials in your digital marketing so that future students know that a quality education awaits them.

3. Showcase College Life

It’s not enough to simply focus on the educational aspects. You should ensure that your marketing showcases the actual experience of being part of your institution.

You should always showcase on-campus life and the many aspects that make this life worth being a part of.

You can include sports, events, societies, parties, and even day-to-day aspects such as cafeteria food. These small details, communicated in the right way, will allow students to envision themselves at your college.

4. Communicate Your Value Proposition

Having a clear, unique value proposition is business marketing 101. Always include a strong mission statement and explain as often as possible what makes your school special, other than high-quality teaching.

Is your school diverse? Does it take a novel approach to teaching? Is there a strong international element? What about your ethics? Think about what makes your school different and include this in your value proposition.

5. Play the Numbers Game

Finally, don’t forget to let the numbers speak for themselves. Choosing a college is always, in part, a logical and practical decision. You should make sure that the numbers that students care about are easy to find and tell the right story. This should include:

  • Number of enrolments
  • Acceptance rate
  • Post-graduation employment rates (within 1 year)
  • Student satisfaction scores

These numbers will stick in the heads of potential applications and will play a major role in their decisions when it comes to picking their college.

More Higher Education Marketing Strategies at Your Fingertips

By implementing these higher education marketing strategies today, you can attract the right students tomorrow.

Competition is heating up across the sector, and it is essential that students are able to find your college and see what you have to offer.

For more tips on how to effectively market your institution, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our dedicated Marketing Hub for expert insights and tips.