5 Small Business Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Creating a marketing campaign isn’t easy. Yes, you can easily set up campaigns and start marketing in a few minutes. But that doesn’t mean you’ll do things right.

You’ll waste a lot of money if you don’t do things right. Believe it or not, companies waste millions of dollars per year on unoptimized ad campaigns.

If you don’t want to waste your money, you must avoid typical small business marketing mistakes. Avoid the five common mistakes below when marketing businesses.

1. No Clear Plan

You can’t just point people to your business without a goal. Unless you have a clear plan for your marketing campaign, it’s hard to figure out how to create messaging that convinces people to buy your products.

Create a detailed plan that lays out your objectives. You’ll use your plan to create more compelling messaging and direct people to the place most likely to lead to new business.

2. Zero Customer Information

Just like you need a plan to optimize your initial marketing push, you must also understand your customers if you want to create appealing messaging. You can’t use general messaging and expect great results. You need a compelling message that targets your ideal customer if you want a bigger conversion rate.

You’ll need to create audience personas to do this. Learn everything you can about your target customers and use that information to refine your business marketing materials to appeal to those people.

3. Ignoring Follow-Ups

Do you just push potential customers to a website and hope for the best? If so, you’re missing out on potential business. Some people may be interested in your products but not in the mood to buy them at the time.

You need to reach out to those people again to get the sale. You can create an email list for potential customers and use retargeting campaigns to follow up with people.

4. No Call-to-Action

You have more to do when getting people to your website with a digital marketing strategy. You can’t push people to your site and expect them to figure out what to do next. You need to give your visitors direction.

A call-to-action will direct people to the next step. Whether you want to make product sales, grow an email list, or directly speak with people, give people direction on what they should do to move to the next part of the sales pipeline.

5. Zero Followup on Networking Events

Networking is a great way to gain business contacts, but not everyone does it right. You can’t expect the people you meet to seek you out on their own without a way to contact you.

Create business cards for networking events and give them to everyone you meet. Doing this will help you keep in touch with new contacts and get new business opportunities.

There Are Other Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes

There is a lot to consider when marketing businesses online and offline. There are countless avenues to make your brand known, which means there are many common small business marketing mistakes.

You need to know about these mistakes before you start if you want to avoid making them. Keep learning about common marketing mistakes to avoid losing money with your marketing campaigns.

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