Basic Information about the Domain


What is the domain? By browsing our article, which aims to clearly understand the details of the question, you can quickly master the basic issues that every site owner should know and base your domain selection on informed decisions.

Domain names, one of the key parts of the internet, make the website addresses meaningful and easy to remember. However, the power of domains involves more than the ability to address websites: Choosing the right domain name can have a serious impact on the success, status, and consciousness of your site or brand.

For this reason, one of the most important decisions you need to make to build a website; is what your domain name will be.

What is a Domain?

Domain (domain name); It is a naming method developed by internet authorities to use instead of IP addresses that are difficult to remember. The name you chose for your site; .com is used with an extension such as .net and is called a domain name or domain name.

One of the most accurate definitions for the domain is the definition of “your site’s name and address” because users access your site using your domain name.

Two separate websites can’t have the same domain. Unique domains, such as fingerprints; It refers to long and hard to remember numbers called IP (Internet Protocol Address) number.

In other words, if there were no domains, you would have to write a number like in the address bar to enter Google.

Thanks to the system called DNS (The Domain Name System) that connects billions of internet users and more than 300 million domains, the domain name you enter in your browser; converted to the corresponding IP address. So; computers used by visitors; find the server where the content of the website is stored.

What Does Domain Registration (Domain Name Registration) Mean?

Domain or domain name registration also called domain purchase; it means that you register and rent your website name so that nobody else uses it.

In other words, it is not about buying the domain name in question, but renting the domain name you set for 1 year. For this reason, domain registration must be renewed periodically.

This means that the name of your site that reflects your business or identity can be obtained by others. So your site’s domain name; In the domain query pages, it will appear suitable for those looking for names for their sites to be able to register. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the renewal date when registering the domain.

Domain Registration

Domain registration process; It is performed by domain registrars authorized by HostGator (the most authoritative institution with domain editing and auditing authority).

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Why is Domain Important?

Domain, your domain name; it directly affects how to search or find in the digital world. Since it will provide the first impression about you, it must be chosen carefully, taking time, thinking over it.

By choosing a catchy, eye-catching, unique or even creative domain name; you can facilitate your recognition.

Domains can be very useful in marketing strategies as they offer the opportunity to reflect you or your business very well; can ensure trust in your products and services. However, on the contrary, if you cannot make the right choice for the domain, you may have difficulty in terms of brand awareness.

Since hosting packages also offer e-mail accounts containing your domain name, using e-mail accounts specific to your domain name instead of using free e-mail accounts like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail will make you and your company look more professional and your e-mail address will be easier to remember.