How to Successfully Use Pinterest Marketing for your Brand


Pinterest is a visual social media platform where people explore, enjoy, and share visual content that they love and cherish.

If your business is geared towards a more creative audience that enjoys visuals, then you should be on Pinterest.

Pinterest marketing is super helpful when you have a product that is ready to be adopted by your audience. If you are looking for a platform to publish visual guides and how-to’s,  then Pinterest is the best place to start marketing your content.

Want to become a successful Pinterest marketer for your brand? Keep on reading!

Establish your brand on Pinterest

The best way to market yourself on any platform is to be present on said platform. If your objective is to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website, merely placing ads on Pinterest won’t be enough.

People need a reason to click on an ad. The likelihood of someone clicking on an advertisement related to a well-known brand is much higher than a brand that no one has ever heard of.

Your presence on Pinterest is your biggest asset. By having a presence on Pinterest, you can understand your audience on Pinterest. This understanding and insights will help you come up with a super-effective marketing campaign that is tailored to your audience alone.

Have unique content

Pinterest is a platform where you’ll find a lot of unique visual content.

If you want to market your products and services on Pinterest, then you need to have stunning, original pins.

Using someone else’s template is not going to help you stand out. It might work, but it’s best to get someone who can design something new just for your brand.

Also, creating your own content from websites helps you differentiate yourself from other competitors on Pinterest. Having a unique style of pins will help separate you from the crowd and make your marketing efforts much more straightforward.

If you’re running low on ideas, one quick tip would be to use memes. Take a trending meme template and fit it according to your brand.

Use SEO to win at Pinterest marketing

When you think about it, Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google or Bing. The only difference is that Pinterest is a sort of visual search engine.

The basic steps you might want to take for Pinterest SEO is researching relevant keywords, your audience, and your competition.

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO for any search engine. Your first task for Pinterest SEO is to find relevant keywords that come to mind when someone is searching for your brand, industry, or even products and services.

Compile a list of these keywords and include them in your profile name and description in a non-intrusive way. What do I mean by non-intrusive? Don’t stuff so many keywords in these areas that you make it difficult for the viewer to understand what your Pinterest profile is about.

Once you’ve enriched your profile name and description with keywords, it’s time to move on to your pins.

Let the Pinterest algorithm know what your pins are about by placing only those keywords that reflect the content present in your pins. You don’t want to stuff keywords, that is an outdated and now ineffective strategy.

Form a community

Establishing a community and building a following is the basis of making gains on any social media platform, including Pinterest.

The quicker you start building a community, the faster you can drive customers to your website or blog. More people on your site means that you have an increased chance of making conversions and sales.

Once you build a community on Pinterest, you will want to move them to your website or blog. A live chat app on your blog will help you understand your audience and learn more about them.

A community will help you spread the word about your brand on the platform. Any of the latest news and information can easily be distributed with the help of social media platforms.

All you need to do to build a community on Pinterest is to be active on the platform and engage with other people and content creators present on the platform. But remember that your followers are just as important. Make sure to engage on your fan’s pins whenever you can.

Keep posting fresh content

Out of sight, out of mind. This saying is especially true for platforms like Pinterest.

The world of Pinterest is filled with talented creatives, all showcasing their skills. To ensure that you can continually post fresh content, it is essential for you to have a content calendar.

Without a content calendar, you won’t be able to manage your brand on Pinterest. By using a content calendar for Pinterest, you’ll know what pins and content have to be created by what date to ensure a constant stream of fresh content for your brand.

Also, don’t be afraid to reshare (repin) old posts on Pinterest. After all, creating a unique design is a time-consuming task, and you want to get out as much as you can from a single piece of content. Just make sure that the pins are timed somewhat apart so that people don’t see the same pin in quick succession.

Provide value to your audience

Providing value to your audience is essential for businesses. That should be one of your priorities.

To provide value to your audience on Pinterest, there are many things that you can do. Since Pinterest is a creative and highly visual platform, why not use that to your advantage. Find ways to keep your audience interested in your brand.

A simple example would be to come up with a new design or visual for one of your products. Offer a cash incentive for the winner. You’ll not only end up generating a lot of traction on Pinterest, but you’ll also be able to drive a decent amount of traffic to your site.


Brands that want to take advantage of a new audience can be glad knowing that Pinterest is a brilliant social media platform to be on.

Pinterest marketing can significantly impact your sales and conversions as well as build a strong community full of creatives.

Hamzah Adil is a digital marketer who enjoys learning and exploring different social media platforms. He’s currently working for a startup that has developed a new live chat app called SwiftChat.