What are video surveillance cameras used for in public transport?


Whether you take the metro, bus or tram, you just have to look up to see a video surveillance camera. All the images obtained are viewed, analyzed and used by thousands of employees. It is legitimate to ask the following question: what are these cameras for? This question is all the more legitimate since one can feel spied upon or invaded by so much security. All these cameras however fulfill unsuspected functions and are irreplaceable.

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 Fight against traffic accidents

The cameras are not only installed to prevent theft or attack, they also fulfill the role of controlling the smooth running of traffic. A blocked metro door, a broken bus seat, or even a broken ticket validation terminal, will be detected using these cameras. They therefore also play a role in preventing more serious problems, by serving as additional eyes for traffic controllers and managers.

 Fight against misconduct

It is not bad user behavior that we are talking about here. Indeed, it is often not detectable by cameras since it generally results in insults or insults. In the most serious cases, cameras can of course be used to track down the perpetrator, pickpocket, or robbery. Cameras can be used to detect dangerous behavior by a bus driver endangering his passengers, for example.

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 Fight against terrorism

CCTV cameras can detect the deposit of a suspicious package, or suspicious behavior. Even if it is difficult to act in the event of a terrorist attack, thanks to the installation of a video surveillance system and the exploitation of the images that are taken from it, cameras can contribute to preventive steps, such as surveillance of individuals appearing to spot the scene, or acting in a threatening manner.

Regardless of the quality of the video surveillance system installed in public transport, the most optimal guarantee of security is to couple rapid and reliable intervention teams to this system.

How to protect your video surveillance system against the heat and the summer sun?

Video surveillance systems are complex systems that can be more or less fragile. However, we do not often think of protecting them during the summer, thinking that they are only vulnerable in the face of winter weather. Unfortunately, it is partially the opposite. In fact, your outdoor video surveillance system will withstand low temperatures much better than scorching temperatures. In addition, it will be much more affected by the dust from a summer drought than by the winter weather. Follow these tips so that your video surveillance system spends the summer without being damaged.

Prefer thermal boxes

Your cameras should not be protected by housings which only protect them from rain and humidity. Install thermal protections, to avoid overheating your cameras, which can sometimes burn, quite simply. These boxes will also have the advantage of protecting your cameras during the winter.

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 Protect your cameras from the wind

Place your cameras away from large drafts, by installing them behind a tree, a fence or simply in a more sheltered location. A camera positioned in a windy place will, during the summer, be continuously subjected to the action of the dust projected on it. This dust can ultimately damage the quality of your images and destroy your cameras. In addition, there is no housing that completely protects the cameras from dust.

 Choose the shade

Choosing more shaded locations is undoubtedly the best way to protect your cameras from the action of the sun. Placing your cameras in the shade will also have the advantage of preventing them from delivering low-quality images, because of the reflection. If the sun hits your lens directly, the images you shoot will probably be unusable.

 Protect your cameras from insects

Insects, especially wasps and hornets, wait for the start of summer to build their nests in the first available cavity. Your cameras are one of them, and their boxes will be invaded if they have the slightest hole. So watch that no colony of insects invest your cameras, so that they do not serve as a home for insects which will also pose a threat to your neighborhood or your family.

Why is it important to watch your restaurant or beach cafe?

The restaurants and cafes located on the beaches are establishments that can become very lucrative during the tourist season. The influx of customers can generate big profits, but it can also turn into a nightmare when it comes to managing and monitoring activities. Indeed, these spaces often have a terrace open on the beach, extended by deckchairs, sometimes arranged over a large area difficult to protect. These types of establishments, by their layout and the influx of customers, attract a large number of people engaged in pick pocketing, scams, theft of deckchairs, etc. It is therefore a high-risk activity, which, if poorly protected, can quickly become loss-making. Here are some reasons why you should install a video surveillance system if you have this type of operation.

 Prevent pick pocketing

Pick pocketing becomes a scourge during the tourist season. Indeed, the beach bags are filled with wallets, cash and valuables (camera, telephone, branded sunglasses, etc.). The beaches are therefore targeted by pickpockets, who find a concentration of bags among beach attendants that customers believe are being watched. These same customers will be able to turn against you in the event of theft, so install a video surveillance system to deter pickpockets and attract the most suspicious customers.

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 Prevent theft of deckchairs

Even when they are returned at night, the deckchairs cannot be stored in a closed room, due to their number and size. Competitive beach attendants or reseller networks will therefore quickly empty your stock in less than an hour, with a truck, especially if your restaurant is located in an isolated area at night.

Monitor the installation of your customers

Your customers will tend to move the deckchairs that you rent to them. Even if your location is large, some people will be tempted to move the lounge chairs outside of your authorized location and will eventually threaten your operation. Indeed, the regulations being very strict for everything related to the encroachment of lounge chairs on the public domain, monitoring the movements of lounge chairs by your customers will allow you to avoid certain fines.

 How can you worry less when you go on vacation?

Holidays are expected, hoped and supposedly quiet times of the year. We want to enjoy the tranquility and the absence of concern. However, for many, the holidays are unfortunately synonymous with concern over the lack of surveillance of their home. The holidays lose their benefits when they are spent causing the feeling that their home is vulnerable and may be visited. There are simple, easy-to-implement, and inexpensive ways to overcome this concern, allowing you to be sure you are leaving from a safe home. 

Install a video surveillance system

Security camera installation in Chicago a video surveillance system is the best way to protect your home against burglars while you are away. Deterrent and radical when it’s time to prosecute thieves, it will guarantee you almost flawless protection. 

Install a remote monitoring system

A video surveillance system is very effective. However, even the most modern and complete have some flaws, sometimes enough for an intrusion to spoil your vacation. In addition, it can be directly attacked by burglars. Installing a remote monitoring system through an application on your smartphone allows you, at any time, to take a look at what is happening at home. Whether you notice a deterioration or simply to check if you have not forgotten anything, connecting your smartphone to all of its video surveillance cameras is the best way to keep your peace of mind during the holidays.

 Request police rounds

The police offer a patrol service, sometimes even free. So think about going to the police station to have your house listed on the list of houses to watch. These rounds have a very dissuasive effect, and allow you to alert you immediately in case of burglary.

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