How to think when Plan Digital Strategies that can Work


Develop your visibility, improve your market position, legitimize your offer to your customer, shorten your sales cycle, retain your consumers … whatever your objectives, you must develop a digital content strategy. Content is crucial now: it positions you as an expert with your targets and allows you to communicate more, directly or indirectly, about your offer. What are the marketing and web communication trends in 2020? Find out how to develop a 10-point digital strategy that is effective and has lasting effects

Table of Contents

Identify your digital strategy objectives

No digital strategy without objectives! What do you want to do ?

  • Develop your visibility?
  • Improve your brand image?
  • Legitimize your offer?
  • Gain market shares ?
  • Seduce a new audience?
  • Improve customer relations?

Which method to choose?

I have cited only two methods here, but there are many others. The important thing is not the method in itself. Find the one that speaks to you the most and take ownership of it. You can even play with them and mix them together. This is for example what we do when we realize our panorama of SEO services competition. This one uses is based on several methods that we have associated with each other and which allows us today to obtain fast and very concrete results and acquisition and conversion. However, when choosing your method, do not neglect the following points:

  • Be realistic
  • Be pragmatic
  • Produce concrete actions

If you know your enemies and know yourself, a thousand battles will not be able to overcome you. (Sun Tzu – The Art of War)

For many brands and companies, the blog is the central tool of their digital strategy. Above all, it’s a matter of properly analyzing what your targets need and how you can help them solve their problems. List all the subjects likely to interest them, far beyond your offer. Your approach must be sincere, it is the key to relevant and effective content!

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Example : Do you offer HR consulting and training? Your targets are probably asking a lot of questions about regulation, continuing education. They are undoubtedly also interested in the subjects that make the news “hot” of the moment: harassment at work, equal pay, burn-out …

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Use your blog to “offer” your expertise on all the topics that interest your audience. Implicitly, you become a reference in the matter! SEO side, with your blog articles, you occupy more space on the web and if your articles are popular, then you benefit from good popularity, many links (inbound and outbound) … all these elements promote your SEO natural.

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Get a newsletter

With the newsletter, you go to your targets and you maintain the link with them. A good way to retain your customer portfolio. Do not forget to include links in your newsletter that will lead to your blog articles (and / or to your company website). Make your canvas!

Be careful however to respect the publishing and social selling rules so as not to go straight into the SPAM box of your audience!

Attract backlinks

No real digital strategy without “Linkbait”! This technique consists of doing everything to attract quality links or “backlinks”, a sign of the popularity of your content.

Your content must therefore be interesting. It has to offer value. Inform, entertain, surprise, move … in short, what you have posted, both in content and form, should make users want to share it. A quality infographic, a test, a guide or a White Paper, a slide share… In short, offer something and try to create buzz every time! The more links you get to your blog, the more popular it is, even referent and thus takes better positions in SEO. Keep in mind that with quality editorial content equivalent, 12% of sites with a good DR (domain ranking), so quality backlinks are on the first page of Google in less than a year, against 3% for a weak DR.

Promote external dissemination

On your site and / or blog articles, consider making some of your content available so that it can be used by other sites or readers of RSS feeds. This is what is called ” syndication “. “Pitch” your articles through publications on social networks where the content is ROI more than elsewhere!

“Guest blogging” (or guest posting)

One digital strategy that works particularly well is to do guest blogging. This practice will consist in inviting “experts” or people referent in a field, to contribute on his blog. Beforehand, select the blogs that are interesting for your business, benchmarks in your sector. Be on the lookout on social media on the topics covered and in turn, interact on these blogs. You indirectly show your expertise in the subject. And ideally, you integrate a link to one of your content (if it is of quality and that it brings a real complement to the subject).