4 Websites to Check Copyright Content


Are you confused about different plagiarism checkers available on the internet? The more the options, the more difficult it is to pick one for yourself. The reality is that you are already sick of trying different options and now finally want that one perfect tool for yourself that doesn’t need to be replaced anymore. That’s why this article aims at providing the ultimate guideline on all the defining features of the top Copyright checker tool available on the internet. After reading this article, you can finally decide which option suits you the most.

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List of website to check plagiarism content

Plagiarism Detector

This site is famous for detecting plagiarism in a content. Many institutes recommend this site to their students for identifying any duplication in a content. Some of the main pros and cons of this site are as follows:


  • The basic package of this plagiarism software is free of charges.
  • It is easily accessible and available 24/7
  • It supports cloud storage access
  • To run a plagiarism test, you can easily access files from your system and upload them directly on this tool
  • It allows you to upload up to 1000 words in one turn
  • It has an advanced database that checks each text in terms of ‘lexical frequencies, word-choices and matching phrases’
  • Websites that are plagiarizing your text can easily be detected by providing their URL link. The software traces them and provides a plagiarism test result for their content. This way, you can ask them to give backlinks or even simply sue them. 
  • It provides 100% accurate results.
  • It’s completely safe to use. No information subjected to this software is misused in any way.
  • In each plagiarism test, the user is provided with other additional information like word count, the number of sentences, speak time, and character count.


  • Premium features like unlimited word limit and no-ads-interruption comes under the paid package—Go Pro

 Dupli Checker

One of the best site that allows you to detect piracy in a content completely free. The main advantages and disadvantages of this site are discussed below:


  • This similarity checker has a great interface that is perfect for new users.
  • It’s a completely free tool with no charges of any kind.
  • It’s an online web tool and can be easily used from any part of the world.
  • After each plagiarism test, a set of percentages for plagiarism, unique content and related meaning are displayed
  • The maximum word limit for the plagiarism test in one round is 1000.
  • It allows you to directly upload a file from your laptop or PC.
  • It allows you to upload different types of file formats like Doc, Docx, PDF, RTF, text, txt, et cetera
  • This tool also allows checking plagiarism of a website via its URL
  • It provides a paraphrasing tool that can rephrase any plagiarized text to make it unique. This option is provided at the end of each plagiarism test. Users can either take the help of this paraphrasing option or remove plagiarism manually. The choice is theirs.
  • This tool works fast and provides super-accurate results within a few seconds.


·       It doesn’t allow cloud storage access. This feature is present in a lot of plagiarism checker tools online, but sadly it’s not the case with Dupli Checker.

 Small SEO Tools

if you are looking for a site that can provide you with the fastest detection of piracy in a content, then this site can be your choice.


  • This site offers free piracy-detection. You can use it for an unlimited number of turns without spending any money
  • It is available in different languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, et cetera.
  • You can run a plagiarism test on content by either copy-pasting it in the designated box available or by accessing your local storage in case it is saved in the form of a file in your laptop or PC.
  • It also supports URL integration and cloud storage access
  • Results as a part of each plagiarism test comprise of percentage statistics, plagiarism report, a sentence wise analysis, and matched sources.
  • The option of rewriting the plagiarized text is also available.
  • There is an option available for sharing the plagiarism report. This comes handy for teachers who can inform students of their performance by sharing this report.
  • This tool works by comparing each input text with content available in its database. This database comprises billions of published material, so there is no chance that this tool misses detecting any potential source of plagiarism.
  • The maximum word count allowed for one plagiarism test is 1000 words.


  • The plagiarism checker by this website doesn’t tell essential details like sentence count, several words, readability time, et cetera during plagiarism checking. You would have to try separate tools to know these.

Search Engine Reports

This site is also famous due to its user-friendly interface. The other main features of this site are as follows:


  • It is, again, a completely free site. There are no formalities of signing in and making an account to use this tool. It is directly available on the website, and anyone can use it.
  • It allows 2000 words for one round of plagiarism checking
  • You can paste the text in the designated area or upload file from your local storage to check plagiarism
  • The dropbox can also be accessed by this tool
  • It allows URL integration in case you want to check plagiarism percentage of an online source
  • Plagiarism results are displayed in the form of percentages
  • An article rewriter is available for rewriting the plagiarized text
  • Each sentence or phrase containing sources of plagiarism is highlighted by this tool. This helps users easily identify them.


·       For documents around 1000-word count or above, this software works quite slowly and takes several minutes to process the text. This is a major drawback of this tool that the developers must work upon.

What Matters the Most?

All of these mentioned plagiarism checkers have their own set of pros and cons. Generally, they work almost in a similar manner, but there are two or three features that differentiate them from one another. In the end, it is worth mentioning that it is not the number of features allowed by plagiarism checkers that matters. Accuracy of results generated by a plagiarism test comes above everything. This is because an inaccurate result destroys the purpose of a plagiarism test altogether.

So it doesn’t matter if a plagiarism checker allows 1000, 2000, or unlimited words in one round. The thing that will make it successful will be the accuracy of its results. So don’t be deluded by the number of features, make the accuracy of results your prime parameter in picking a plagiarism tool for yourself.