Industry Report Future of search in 2020 according to SEO specialists


Best SEO Companies surveyed to analyze the future of the SEO market. They made a report after taking into consideration 500 digital marketing experts. These experts had to give their opinion through a survey. The report was rather interesting. It shows what the future of SEO might look like in the next 5 years. They also gave their predictions on Google on the same matter for it is dynamic in its algorithms. The insights in this report include about points came in front about Best SEO Companies.

Table of Contents

Increase in Importance of SEO

Most digital marketing experts feel that SEO will gain more significance in the future. However, they are not sure about the safety of their jobs. Most of them, precisely 23% feel that their job will be in danger due to the rapid changes in the algorithm by Google. It is interesting to note that 37% of plans are to stay in SEO for at least 3 years. Although 80% feel the algorithm changes won’t go well with their career. This shows that SEO will see brighter days, even at the stake of the jobs of digital marketers.

Need for SEOs to be Dynamic

Most of them are in a consensus of adopting many strategies and are transforming to adapt to the changes in the industry. The main focus is on skill development and keeping yourself updated. As many as 45% feel that free online courses are the best way for SEOs to stay relevant in the industry. The two next best options are skill development and News/Blogs at 42% and 40.7% respectively. There is another popular opinion making the rounds. Many feel attending conferences will help to stay current in the industry. it is projected that More than half of the respondents will attend SEO conferences this year. Google SERP proxy allows you to extract search results from Google Search-powered services.

AI is the New Way Forward

The survey was also divided into specific methods that will be effective. It also covers how much significance these tactics will gain in the next 5 years. 31.3% of experts believed that AI will be the best tactic. Moreover, 28.6% felt it would gain importance in the next five years. The next two tactics to get maximum votes were Mobile optimization and secure HTTP. However, voice search optimization will be a strategy to look forward to in the future.

Google to weigh in more on Quality Content

Most of them visualize that quality content will take the front seat for Google in terms of SEO. At present, many factors decide the ranking of websites. However, the content will act as a driving force in future. Quality of the content will be top priority for Google for SEO. 46.2% feel that Google will weigh more on Quality content for ranking the sites. However, factors like social share and accessibility are not much behind quality content.

SEO sentiment and ethics

Different digital marketers have different emotions attached to their job.  Questions extended to the sentiments of marketers about their jobs. They even opened up about what frustrates them the most in their job. Almost 70% of them think about their job as being creative, engaging and intelligent. This shows from where they get the love for their job. A little less than half of them felt that short deadlines gave them the worst headaches. They also get frustrated when clients change the scope of the project. A frustrating and irritating client is an equally big headache for 37% of the respondents. An interesting takeaway was that 14% of them got frustrated with unethical competitors. Ironically, 39% admit that they have taken the unethical route to SEO tactics. This raises some serious moral issues for marketers.


The survey sheds light on the face of SEO after 2020. SEO looks to be a prime importance in the future. However, google’s changing algorithms will take a toll on the jobs of digital marketers. Google is number one in terms of search engines. It has the power to affect the careers of digital marketers as much or even more than customer demand.

Many feel skill development will help them stay relevant in the future. This is because the SEO industry is changing at a rapid pace with every passing second. They also shed some light on the strategies that will play a key role in SEO’s future. Programmes like AI and mobile optimization will hold a key role in SEO. Google is continuously changing its algorithm and it is already difficult to keep up with them. The survey shows that Google will keep the quality of the content at the top for SEO in future. Factors like accessibility will also hold second importance after quality content.

The survey provided a few interesting insights into the morals of digital marketers. Many bother themselves with short deadlines. However, unethical competitors are also a matter of concern for them. It will be interesting to see how close the results of the survey will be to the SEO industry of the future. 2020 marks a fresh year for the SEO industry. It will set the wheels to run for the next five years.