What Is the Best Way to Distribute Press Releases?


This press release provider has finally created the perfect press release you can use to market your services. But for your target audience to learn more about your new product or services, they have to find your press release, which is where distribution channels come in handy. How you distribute your press release plays a significant role in how your target audience receives the press release.

It doesn’t matter how great a story your press release may have; it may go unnoticed if it isn’t distributed on the right platforms. So, here are several ways you can use to distribute your press release.

Working with a PR Agency

The first way you can distribute your press release is by working with a PR agency. An agency will have the contacts and experience you need to help make the distribution of your press releases much more effortless.

PR agencies work with influencers and journalists all the time, which means they know how to reach them when needed. Another added advantage of working with a PR agency is that they can also help you write your press release.

This increases your chance of distribution as they know how to create press releases as per the journalism codes. However, working with a PR agency does come at a price, and affording their services, especially as a small business, might be impossible.

Another inconvenience of working with a PR agency to distribute your press release is that not all media companies love working with them, especially if they aren’t well known. Most journalists prefer working directly with the business marketing contact or the founder.

Online Distribution Services

If you can’t afford to work with a PR agency/firm, there is also the option of an online PR distribution platform. This platform allows you to distribute your press release to an online database of bloggers, journalists, and influencers. A tool like Journolink enables you to select a geographic area and industry sectors for every press release you want to send.

Choosing a specific industry sector and geographic area allows you to send your press release to select journalists according to their publications.

Compared to working with a PR agency, an online distribution platform is more affordable. It’s also important to note that some platforms will have slightly different services than others. Therefore, always make sure you research before choosing one.

Social Media Platforms

Thanks to social media, it has become quite easy for businesses to build their brand profile, communicate with their target audience, and share their content. It has also become an avenue where journalists can communicate with businesses. Most businesses prefer using this method, as it is easier and fast.

You can also find additional information about the journalist with one simple click. You can research more about the people you want to target and follow them on their social media platforms. Once you have sufficient research, you can send a direct message to them.

This helps increase your press release’s chances of getting attention, likes, shares, and comments.

Build a Distribution List

As a business owner, you always have the option of building your distribution list. This means that you can have your own journalists lists and send out your press releases. However, you need time and human resources, as it takes time to build a good distribution list. It also isn’t cheap to build and manage a PR list.

So, which distribution list is best?

Determining the best distribution list isn’t a decision you make, depending on your finances. Several decisions come with choosing the right distribution method. These factors include:

Level of Exposure and Media Traction

Your press release requires the right exposure and media traction for your target audience to receive the information. So, when choosing the suitable distribution method, you need to consider the right level of exposure.

But, how do you decide which distribution method has the right traction? You should look at

  • The number of media featured on the list
  • Search Engine Optimization of your press release
  • The authoritativeness of the journalists picking your press release


When deciding on the right distribution method, always look at its relevance. Go for a distribution method with a significant relevance level for your press release. This also ensures that your press release receives the right traffic.

Finding the correct press release distribution method isn’t possible without a high-quality press release. Therefore, before hitting that send button, make sure your press release follows the required procedures.