How to Build a Gun Safe Room


The safe and vault manufacturing industry has an approximately $700 million value in the United States. Safes are critical to protecting your prized goods, and they’re more important than ever if you own guns.

Many firearm owners go out of their way to build a gun safe room that can help protect them and their families. But, what is a gun safe room? How can you get the most out of it? We’ll explain.

Keep reading so that you can build the room that serves you most.

Decide on the Best Room

A gun safe room is the place where you store your firearms and ammunition. As the name suggests, there’s a safe or multiple safes included in the room so that your guns stay under lock and combination.

Building a gun safe room requires you to first and foremost decide where you’d like to set it up. Some great places to consider include:

  • The garage
  • A basement
  • A suit adjacent to the master bedroom
  • Your exterior work shed
  • A guest bedroom in the home

Think about which room will serve you in terms of the needed square footage, layout, and proximity within the house. Make sure to choose a room that also gets plenty of light so you can correctly clean the gun and change ammunition clips.

Consider the Guns That You Have

When you’re going to build a gun safe room, make sure that you also consider the actual guns that you have in your collection. The types of firearms that you have will dictate where you store them and what size safe you’ll need.

Always leave yourself room to expand your collection so that you can both store and showcase your favorite guns to the best of your ability.

Invest in Racks and Safes

Give yourself the chance to store your guns sensically by investing in the best racks and safes available. You can’t take shortcuts with this equipment, since you’ll need the safe to keep absolutely anyone out who isn’t supposed to gain entry.

Speak to a gun safe dealer that can help you keep your firearms under lock. They will show you the assortment of safes at their disposal, and can also provide you with some gun safe room building tips. Make sure that your racks are also sturdy and that you have drawers and sections available to store your ammunition, accessories, and other gun-related purchases.

Always Ramp Up the Safeguards

Never be satisfied with the safety and security of your gun safe room. Always add new measures when you’re able to, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access to your guns. This is a matter of life or death, and guns are also targets for theft when people’s homes are burglarized.

Strengthen your security system and add some surveillance video so that you can see who comes and goes.

Learn How to Build a Gun Safe Room

The tips above will assist you when you’re learning how to build a gun safe room. Having one of these rooms will help you prevent your guns from being stolen or used by someone you didn’t give permission to.

Start with these points and check out our other articles when you need to learn more about responsible gun ownership.