Interesting Baseball Rules From Then and Now You Didn’t Know Existed


Did you know the first set of baseball rules originated in 1845? The game may have changed a lot over the years, but one thing remains the same: lots and lots of rules!

There are so many different obscure rules throughout baseball history. Some are so little-known that even the most hardcore baseball aficionados may not have heard of them. It’s interesting to find out about these strange rules.

Ready for a trip through the world of obscure baseball rules? Read on to find out about some of the wackiest regulations in the history of the game.

Defunct Rules

Baseball is one of the oldest sports to be played professionally. It has a long and checkered past, so it’s no wonder the game has changed a lot over the years. Check out some of these strange old-time baseball rules.

A Polite Request

The battle between pitcher and batter is one of the most interesting elements of baseball. But in the past, things were very different.

The batter used to be able to request either a high or low pitch. And the pitcher had to oblige!

This rule was only in play between 1867 to 1887. It was discontinued to make the game more of an interesting contest.

The Flat Bat

Can you imagine swinging a bat with one flat side? That might feel more like golfing than playing baseball! But for eight whole years, batters were allowed one flat side of the bat.

While flat-sided bats allowed the teams on offense to score more points, these bats were found to be more likely to splinter. The flat-sided bats were retired in 1893, never to be seen again.

Modern Rules

Even in the modern age, the rules of baseball still have some odd entries.

No Moisture on the Ball!

It’s illegal for pitchers to apply moisture to the ball. That means they can’t spit or wipe sweat on the ball. It’s a good thing this baseball rule exists, or there might be some problems with germs!

Still, sometimes a little moisture from rain or damp grass can make a ball a little slippery. The best baseball gloves can help catchers keep a firm grip on the ball.

No Faking!

Imagine if a pitcher wound up for the throw, only to keep the ball in their hands. That would certainly confuse a batter and could completely knock him off his game. Called “balking”, doing this deliberately is a foul.

A Baseball Variant!

Baseball may be America’s national pastime, but it’s played around the world. From Japan to the Dominican Republic, people enjoy the sport. But in some areas of the world, it has some very different rules.

Did you know that in Finland’s version of the game, Pesäpallo, the ball is pitched vertically? That means it’s thrown directly up into the air, and the batter hits it as it falls.

Don’t Strike Out, Learn About More Strange Baseball Rules

Take a look through a baseball rulebook, old or new, and you’ll find all kinds of eclectic baseball rules. By playing or watching the game regularly, you’ll soon learn all the ins and outs of these obscure laws.

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