6 Common Mistakes with Product Shipping and How to Avoid Them

Close-up image of mail worker checking information on parcels

Are you getting your product shipping right?

No matter how good your product is, a poor shipping experience can turn a consumer off your brand. Many companies fall foul of the same simple mistakes, with real consequences.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Keep reading for these six mistakes with product shipping you should avoid today.

1. Getting Timings Wrong

If you’re shipping across borders, you need to get your timings right. The first time can be tricky, and it’s easy to mistime everything if you’re not careful.

To avoid this, use the following steps:

  • Get quotes at least a month before shipping
  • Set your shipments to match the freight rate quotes
  • Research how long it takes to export/import to each country
  • Communicate with the freight forwarder

If you don’t you’ll end up with delayed orders and grumpy customers. Choosing a shipment company with good communication is key.

2. Not Getting Insurance For Goods

Whether it’s domestic or international shipping, things can and do go wrong. Solen goods, damage, accidents, natural disasters, and piracy are a risk.

Make sure to:

  • Understand what insurance options are available
  • Know the type of cargo you’re shipping
  • Know what your policy does and doesn’t cover

If you forget shipping insurance, you could be in for huge losses should disaster strike. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Picking the Cheapest Rate

It’s tempting to pick the cheapest rates, especially if you’re shipping large products. Choose a forwarder with care by looking for red flags with the company’s reputation.

Find out how responsive they are to customer service and always check reviews. Ask your contacts for any recommendations they might have.

While it’s great to save money, the service on those cheap rates might not be the best. Your products might not make it to their destination in working order.

4. Not Knowing the Regulations

Each country has rules and regulations on what can cross its border. If you don’t know these for the countries you ship to, you could lose a lot of money. Customs agents could seize and destroy your goods, and even fine you!

Make sure you’re products and packaging meet the country’s requirements. Have your documents in order and ready to present at the border. Get a trade attorney to sit down and go through the smaller details with you, keeping you up to date. It’ll be well worth the investment.

5. Not Using the Right Packaging

Packing for products has to be right, no one wants their goods broken before they even get them. If you don’t pack the right, even the slightest knock in transit could cause damage.

To fix this, make sure you:

  • Use the right size boxes and shipping shrink wrap
  • Provide enough cushioning materials and padding
  • Use sturdier packaging for larger, heavier items

This will ensure you did your best to get your parcel to their destination in one piece.

6. Not Labeling Right

Labels on products have vital information like the delivery address. For international shipping, it also has to say what’s inside. Delays happen when you don’t fill those labels outright.
To prevent this:

  • Use reliable shipping companies
  • Double-check your labels
  • Know the different labeling rules for each place to ship to

Customs can refuse a package that has an incorrect label. Or, it might have the wrong information, leading to it not reaching the customer.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Product Shipping Anymore!

So, there you have it! Now you know these six mistakes with product shipping, you know what to avoid.

Get your shipping quotes well in advance and find a reliable shipping partner. Make sure you use the right packaging to keep items secure, and always double-check your labels. This should ensure your customer stay happy, getting their packages on time.

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