White BIT Crypto Platform: Advantages


Crypto exchange is a platform that enables transactions with digital assets. Depending on the size of an exchange, there can be options for buying/selling, swapping, or more advanced features for trading (futures, margin, etc.). In this article, we will talk about one of the largest platforms for trading that offers all possible tools and features for both beginner and experienced traders.

What Is WhiteBIT?

We gladly present you one of the largest platforms in Europe – WhiteBIT. The crypto exchange was founded by two Ukrainian businessmen. They registered the exchange in Estonia, so it operates under European jurisdiction. The company complies with all security requirements, and the mechanisms for anti-money laundering are implemented.

Users that only want to buy coins on the spot market can do that without passing KYC. However, there are limits on such exchanges, and you can’t deposit fiat in this case.

If you not only want to exchange cryptocurrency but also to access advanced trading tools with no limits, you will have to pass the KYC verification. On the WhiteBIT platform, it will not take long – around 24 hours.

Once you become a full member of the exchange, you can use all the possibilities it offers:

  • Staking (hold your assets on the exchange and receive passive income according to the staking plan you pick)
  • Margin trading (use borrowed funds to increase your initial investment and multiply your income)
  • Futures trading (bet on an assets price and go “long” or “short” to generate a profit.

The platform also offers p2p trading, DEX, and many other profitable features.

WhiteBIT fees also deserve attention. The company charges flat fees of 0,10%. That is quite a competitive commission in the market. On top of all, the exchange supports over 400 crypto pairs, and users can buy assets with fiat currencies.