Beardo Hair Growth Oil Review


Beardo is one of the top grooming product brands in India. It was found in 2015, and from the time this product has become persistently try to discover men’s grooming problems with their rare products. However, having less beard hair or inconsistent beard is one of the major problems for youngsters or even, the teenagers of early age between twenties. Therefore, they come with beard growth oil to make a natural boost to beards with every limited attempt.

Beardo Hair Growth Oil Review, Pros, Cons, Price & Packing

This oil contains Hibiscus, Amla, Coconut, Sesame, and vitamin b6 to revitalize and refresh hair production. The Beardo oil is made to familiarize, steady, moisturize beards and mustache very smooth and lenient, as well as makes completely frizz-free.

It comes in the 50ml pack at the same time as one of the prominent brands that is available in 30ml packaging. Keep that component in mind as well. We always recommend you to buy a smaller size to check the beard oil function with your skin.

The oil comes with an exquisite aroma of natural components. While increasing beard length, this product gets used to the skin beneath and helps to eliminate itchiness. But for the best results, you must use this product every day as recommended by the manufacturer.

If you guys are looking for a nice beard growth formula so, without a doubt this is the best product for you. It acts amazing, and I really like the fragrance of this oil. It needs to use it consistently on a daily basis according to the process and it will act.

Packaging: The oil is packed in a dark brown plastic bottle with flip-open lid.

Texture: The oil is extremely lightweight and does not feel oily anymore. You can use this oil on your beard or skin (to increase beard) without feeling oily to a great extent.

Fragrance: The oil consists of a typical natural fragrance.

How I use and after-effects

This oil is used on beard to help it boost beards quickly and thicker and it leads to fast hair growth. When I started applying this oil so, I had stubble hair (after shaving). My skin felt good and soft always and I mostly used before going to bed for sleep. Generally, it takes 10-15 days for the beard to increase which I cut to keep up the length. I even noticed that I had to choose trim after 9-10 days. This means there is some increase gone faster but the results are not much great. It upkeeps the quality of your beard which is really a right option to choose. At last, this is a good product that provides a perfect beard-hair-growth performance.


  • It is very travel friendly
  • Speeds up beard growth
  • Maintains beard health
  • Includes a subtle glow to your beard
  • Cost-effective


  • Odd ayurvedic smell
  • Results are not amazing


This beard hair growth oil is a right product and provides a complete beard-hair-growth performance! One can be really satisfied with this remarkable product for sure.