Globex Writing Services — Is It Really a Competent Service Provider


Globex has been serving the digital industry for nearly 15 years. It started as a guest posting agency, which later turned into a full-fledged digital marketing company. Today, it provides almost all services related to internet marketing, and writing services are among the most highly rated.

They offer this service under the brand name Globex Writing Services with the help of an in-house writing team. Its CEO, Kashif Raza, started this firm alone from his guest room. He later started to add people to his team to help scale his services.

Globex has over 70 in-house employees working full-time. Among several departments, its content marketing department manages all the writing work with 20 dedicated professional writers.

You are greeted by a sales professional when you first contact them. They will take all your requirements and stay in touch with you until the project is completed.

They share your requirements with the Head of Content, who then sends a questionnaire if there is any confusion about your project. If needed, you get to talk to the Head of Content directly where he discusses all your expectations and goals and even provides consultation. All this is done free of cost.

Their first priority is to ensure they get all requirements right and that you feel comfortable. If there are any unrealistic expectations or if you have been misguided, they sincerely help you get on the right path, even it means they won’t get any work at all.

Their Head of Content believes a client will keep working with you if you actually care about his work. A client going on the wrong way will eventually fail. Even if Globex gets the little work now, they will eventually lose the client when he will go out of business. “We will keep getting work as long as the client is in business, and we ensure they stay in business,” said Head of Content at Globex Writing Services.

This long-term thinking that actually focuses on the success of the client is what makes Globex Writing Services one of the best firms to work with.

They ask you questions that you have never heard before. Even if you don’t know the answers, they will guide you about it, which not only helps them get the requirements right but also helps clients understand his work and goals better.

Unless you are a professional of content, you would just ask them to write an article.

Did you know that there are over 20 types of content, and each of them can be written from different perspectives?

They fully understand their field and how to provide the best service possible. Once they understand your requirements and goals, they are forwarded to a team of the writing department. He studies the brief and discusses it with his team to get started.

Each writer has to follow their standard operating procedure and detailed writing guides to ensure the best of quality. This includes minor details like the font type and size and spaces. 

Although writing is a creative task that only an intellectual human can do, tools do help in ensuring the efficiency of their work. They have been provided premium tools including Grammarly, Copyscape, SEMrush Writing Assistant, and BuzzSumo. Depending on the requirements of the client, Globex Writing Services doesn’t mind investing in newer tools.

After the writer is done, each article is submitted to the team lead who is responsible for ensuring quality. He goes through every article, edits it, and sends it back to the writer for updates if needed. The project is submitted to the client within the shortest deadline even though they have a detailed scrutiny process.

If it’s a short task, they can submit it within 24 hours even if it’s your first time working with them. They prioritize the work of their existing clients, and always deliver their projects before the deadline you give them. Sometimes, depending on the scope of the project, they deliver writing work within a few hours.

You might feel that it’s exactly as you were expecting in the beginning, but that’s entirely normal. It takes time for a writer to get a full understanding of what the client wants. You should try to share your expectations with a sample in the beginning, so the work is one hundred percent according to your requirements.

They prefer to get a project for the whole month. This allows them to create a calendar and proper editorial guidelines for writers. It’s much easier to manage, ensure quality, and meet deadlines when you can plan them ahead of time.

They have mentioned all their services on their website. Contact them to get a quote and free consultation. They will show you samples relevant to your niche and then you can give them a test article.