Netflix Movie “Yes Day” Review: Is it worth watching this in March 2021?


Where Cinemas are closed in UK and commitment to give you one movie every week in this 2021, is keeping Netflix a winner in the race of entertainment for UK users.

Based upon a children book written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld where Jennifer is with their kids on annual “Yes Day” where is playing in Allison role along with the doing Producer title as well. A perfect match Carlos is giving her opportunity to say everything but after the kids arrives, its started becoming no for all the time. Where Carlos keeping the role of cool dad and holding Yes Day for 24 hours under the guidance of Mr. Deacon (Nat Naxon) where kids have to decide everything about their choices.

Rules of the day is being decided by kids in which nobody will ask any question for more than 20 miles away where its turns out to be family comedy with giving a new lessons to everyone including kids?

Keeping them a rule maker decision seem disappointing blend, as whey went for ice cream challenge, drive though a carwash, visit to a theme park and lot more which even includes lot more strikes where was entirely lack of ambitions.

Released after a gap of years, being late in category of making humour for young viewers, we have find various other options for you on Disney Hotstar and Netflix too like Flora & Ulysses and Over the moon respectively. As it could be more better if emotional depth of relationship is not being added which have doesn’t turns out to make it feel earned

According to us, movie is not inoffensive and you must have much more worse in the past on Netflix, just move out with family and spend leisure time with them.