5 Common TV Antenna Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Despite entering the digital age of streaming services, the humble antenna is holding its own. Sales are up by 38% year upon year, as people realize the benefits free television can bring. But do you know how to get the best from your antenna?

If you are having problems we may be able to help. Read on as we discuss 5 problems you may encounter with TV antenna installation.

1. Using Old Equipment

Some analog antennas will work fine when picking up new, digital signals. However, others will not respond at all. Older antennas also rust and begin to break down, meaning they won’t be as good at picking up transmissions.

Old and damaged cables can cause the same problems. The coaxial cable that runs from the antenna and through your wall is just as important. A TV antenna installation expert will be able to tell you if this is the issue and you may not need a new antenna at all.

2. Getting the Wrong Antenna Type

The best of the TV antenna installation tips is to make sure you get the right one. There are several different types and if you get it wrong, it can even make your signal weaker.

Unless you have a direct line of sight to the broadcast tower, indoor aerials won’t get you the signal you need. You also need certain frequencies depending on the area you are in. Quality antenna installation services will be able to advise you on the best one for your needs.

3. Getting the Amplifier Wrong

A signal amplifier is a very useful tool. It can boost the signal to your antenna, which is great if you live quite far away from the broadcast tower. However, getting the most powerful one is not always the best call either.

Too strong, and the signal will be just as bad. An expert antenna installer will be able to get it just right and find the perfect strength.

4. Insecure Mounting

Several factors can tear your antenna from the roof. As well as wind and storms, rogue wildlife can also bring it crashing down. Even if it does not come down entirely, it can be knocked out of place leading to a weakened signal.

5. A DIY TV Antenna Installation

Many tradesmen will offer to put an antenna up for you. However, if they don’t have the relevant experience it will result in a shoddy job. While it may go up, it takes experience to know which way the antenna needs to face and the best position for a good signal.

Unfortunately, you don’t need certification to put up antennas. This results in a lot of substandard, unregulated jobs with poor materials and workmanship.

Installing an Antenna

Now you know the problems, you can begin to organize a TV antenna installation. Look up where your nearest broadcast towers are to get an idea of height and direction. If in doubt, call an expert to assist.

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