7 Different Ways Technology Has a Positive Impact On Society


Plenty of stories that focus on technology show technology is harming humankind in various ways. But technology continues to have a greater role in our personal lives, work, and much more. However, there are cautions on the rise to remind everyone that technology tools can cause problems. But, there is no doubt technology has provided significant improvements in people’s lives around the world. Today, you can use technology to enjoy the Pirate Bay shows, for commerce products, architecture, the health sector, the workplace, among many others. Below are some selections of technologies with a positive result on society. 

  • Online platforms¬†for learning

These learning platforms have a huge effect on global society. Today, many online courses are open to the world. Thus, making it possible to attain world-class learning for people in developed nations. Plus, the impact is more on citizens of developing nations. The reason being they have limited access to the leading institutions in academics. The democratization of education leads to the rapid increase of global innovation and advances humanity overall. 

  • Collaboration tools 

During the Covid19 shutdowns, collaboration tools including WhatsApp, FaceTime, Signal, Zoom, and Microsoft teams have been helpful to people in staying connected. Not only with customers, colleagues, and professionals but with families, friends, grandparents, grandchildren, and other people in the world. Most people were alone, bound in their homes, but these technology tools came in handy to keep everyone social, connected, and sane as they went through isolation from society. 

  • Block chain

Most people familiarize block chain with cryptocurrency, but block chain technology is all about transparency. When you use it right, it ensures accountability and trust. Plus, a lot of attention is shifting to social, environmental, and governance issues, there is a growing need for companies to quantify their sustainability efforts and emissions for investors to verify their data. Because of this, block chain will play a vital role in addressing climate change issues. 

  • Agricultural technology

Connected and intelligent agricultural technology is vital when it comes to increasing farm production yields globally. Thus, the capability to farm, scout, treat and provide early detection and response to threats and diseases. Through robotics and automation will enable an increase in productions and a wide distribution to poorer and remote locations. In this way, it minimizes starvation and increases life expectancy.

  • Home fitness tech¬†

Today, there is an entire cottage industry to come around the idea of the home gym. The pandemic made the home gym concept grow even more. Because of this, many startups have launched new products in the digital home gym arena to focus on space-saving design and ease of use. Also, artificial intelligence has added new features to these products, and you can enjoy having a personal trainer and not step out of your home. 

  • Solar cells 

Due to solar cells, there is a meaningful disruption in all industries in showing how renewable technology can change the fundamental structure or basis of the shared globe. Solar cells have ushered in an era of innovation and awareness, creating a cost-effective and bankable industry that individuals and businesses can utilize in making the world better. For this reason, everyone can be an active participant in energy conservation. 

  • Tech promoting inclusivity 

The use of augmented intelligence for inclusion purposes can be of positive transformation if made accessible widely. For instance, voice-assisted devices help individuals with disabilities to improve their quality of life. Another emerging application of technology that can be of significant benefits globally is harvesting open-source intelligence and data to model the environmental impact of the digital age. 

To summarize, the above are some of the different ways technology has a positive impact on society. However, more innovations are yet to be of use to people in the world. For instance, AI-powered healthcare is already a game-changer. Also, the mental health apps that most people use in the mornings and evenings for wellness and meditation are a lifeline in this current age of remote work. Additionally, others, such as water technology, make healthier water for use. Digital payment technology, 3D printing, and GPS, among many other technology tools, all aim to make society a better place.