AWS Partner Network And Salesforce Integration


People nowadays are looking for professional communities of partners in their business journey to get innovation pace. AWS Consulting Partner is a worldwide community that builds effective solutions for customers. The network provides marketing and technical support by selling AWS market offerings to the customers.

It has integrated with salesforce and made some developments to create seamless business applications. Due to this, the developers of both platforms are offering ready-to-use applications by delivering new capabilities of customer support.

This expanded partnership has preferred to manage customer data and interaction across various channels. This solution can deal with any queries and improve productivity for a better customer experience.

The Current Great Deals of AWS

Amazon EC2

This is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud that aims to provide secure cloud computing. It does the work with minimal friction and creates the best computing environment.

It works like other virtual servers but provides distinct benefits by managing storage as well. It gives control to the user over specific geographical locations for more flexibility. This new type is generally convertible and easy to configure.

How Amazon EC2 is beneficial

  • It does configuration, memory storage, and networking using the key pairs.
  • It secures the login information and creates no security issues like hacking.
  • It acts as a single server business software for a fast and reliable, easy-to-use interface.
  • It works on many websites, including WordPress.
  • It is flexible, and users can choose memory size and optimization details on their own.

Amazon Lightsail

This is the virtual private server which is quite like AmazonEC2. It helps the developers to get started with quick and simple solutions at a low cost. It covers an easy-to-understand plan which is ideal for the customer range of small businesses also.

It is designed by the AWS Consulting Partners to get simple and effective solutions. It does not include a long and complicated method with a connection to other resources as well.

The Salient Features of Amazon Lightsail –

  • It is pretty simple to set up, and data can be managed from AWS Lightsail.
  • It is cheaper as compared to Amazon EC2 but doesn’t have as many features as Amazon EC2 has.
  • It has fewer configurations that can support fast deployments.
  • It offers the scalability and reliability that AWS always offers for automation and application running.

The Features Of New Developer Tools Of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Tools with simplified security and accessibility are there. By this, users can sign into Salesforce through AWS and vice versa. It is done with enhanced specialization and collaboration.
  • The tools are secured with real-time data transfer between AWS and Salesforce. It drives innovation and overcomes challenges.
  • It has several clicks to launch development features that enable custom application creation. It pulls out data.

The New Applications of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • These are the pre-build add ons that increase productivity with AI/ML functionality. This is done by opening virtual call centers to empower them to develop more applications.
  • It includes new digital technologies, including Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Textract. It works within the Salesforce Industry Cloud.


Both the tech giants are innovating new products by combining their services. The AWS Consulting Partners do this to expand and integrate both Salesforce and AWS. It combined the services of Government Cloud Plus, Intelligent Automation, and Private Connect, etc. if you want to build salesforce forms without coding you can check this Salesforce form builder. 

They play a crucial role in driving innovation and building effective solutions for a successful business venture. By this, their customers can get marketing and commerce from any part of the world, and the companies can achieve a new level of success through the upcoming openings.