Bangalorebased Razorpay Smbs 160m Series Gic

Bangalorebased Razorpay Smbs 160m Series Gic

Razorpay, a fintech startup based in Bangalore, has secured a whopping $160 million in a Series G funding round, with participation from GIC of Singapore as the lead investor, as well as Ribbit Capital and Sequoia Capital India, who are already existing investors. This latest infusion of capital brings Razorpay’s total funding to $306 million, a significant milestone for the company.

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Razorpay’s Focus on SMBs

Razorpay’s innovative payment solution, tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has garnered significant interest from investors in its recent Series G funding round. The company’s products have been developed to simplify and safeguard payment transactions for SMBs, allowing them to receive payments quickly and with ease. The payment options provided include digital payment methods, and a standout feature is its capability to accept payments from international customers and banks. Moreover, Razorpay also empowers SMBs to set up online stores and gain valuable insights into their customers’ data.

Innovations in Razorpay’s Payment Platform

Razorpay has been making constant strides in enhancing its payment platform to provide customers with a seamless payment experience. Among its notable features are the capability to receive payments in local currencies, and integration with Diuspay, a global payment gateway provider. The company has also collaborated with major players in the food delivery industry, such as Ola and Swiggy, to enable digital payments. Furthermore, Razorpay has forged partnerships with banking institutions to facilitate hassle-free payment transactions for businesses. It also offers collateral-based lending options and allows SMBs to accept payments from customers across borders.

Partnerships and Acquisitions at Razorpay

Recently, Razorpay has also been active in the area of partnerships. To offer its services to clients, it has formed strategic alliances with ZipGo, HehePay, Uppcl, KCB Bank, and HPCL.

RazorpayX, a provider of payment collection services based in India, was recently bought by the company, and this would enable it to further diversify its solutions for the small- and medium-sized business market.

Possible Expansion and More Funds

The additional money from the Series G funding round will be used to boost operations throughout the Asia Pacific region and to sharpen their focus on the SMB market. Additionally, this cash will help their next projects and fuel potential expansion in their merchant services offering.


In India, Razorpay is the top supplier of payment solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s offering to SMBs will be further expanded as a result of the Series G fundraising round and the strategic alliances it has formed, enabling them to access digital payment solutions, receive payments more quickly, and gain insights into their customers’ data.

Who was the leader of Razorpay’s Series G investment round?

GIC, based in Singapore, took the lead in Razorpay’s funding round.

What characteristics does the SMB payment solution from Razorpay offer?

The payment service offered by Razorpay to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) enables digital payments, the acceptance of bank and foreign credit card payments.

What is the smbs 160m series gic sequoia based in Bangalore?

Razorpay, a Bangalore-based fintech business, has secured $160 million in a Series G fundraising round from investors including Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit Capital, and Singapore’s GIC.

What is Razorpay SMB 160M Series Sequoia, located in Bangalore?

Razorpay, a Bangalore-based fintech business, received $160 million in a Series G fundraising round from current investors Covid-19-focused Ribbit Capital and Sequoia Capital India.