Professional CAD Certification Course for a Prosperous Career Growth


In the past, sketches were indispensable for the creation of architectural and engineering projects. Today, although these resources remain on the scene in the academic and professional environment, the highest demand is for qualified professionals in special programs to create graphic designs. This is where CAD plays an important role. Here, we will see the necessary details of these training courses, eligibility, job market, criteria, etc.  

Table of Contents

About CAD CAM CAE Training

The AutoCAD comes as the exponent of this area. Often used by the companies and people in the sectors of engineering and architecture, but also in interior design, decoration, automotive and furniture industries, etc. But what this training consist of? Essential program content of the CAD course –

Chapter 1

  • Lesson 1. Introduction to AutoCAD.
  • Lesson 2. Coordinates and Layers.
  • Lesson 3. Lines, Circles, and Ellipses.
  • Lesson 4. Rectangles with Chamfers and Rounding and Polygons.
  • Lesson 5. Selection Modes.

Chapter 2

  • Lesson 6. Moving, Copying, and Rotating Objects.
  • Lesson 7. Working with hatches.
  • Lesson 8. Creating and Inserting Blocks.
  • Lesson 9. Working with Dynamic Blocks.
  • Lesson 10. Scales.
  • Lesson 11. Texts and Quotas.

Chapter 3

  • Lesson 12. Editing Quotas.
  • Lesson 13. Working with Tables.
  • Lesson 14. Array and Stretch Command.
  • Lecture 15. LTSCALE and Match Properties Commands and Exporting Files in Other Formats.
  • Lesson 16. Printing and Scale.
  • Lesson 17. Adjusting the layout and scale of the design for printing.

Here you will learn the main tools and functions of AutoCAD, from understanding the primary coordinates such as lines, layers, ellipses, circles, and the selection modes to the movement of these elements, and many others such as working with hatches and dynamic blocks.

Who are eligible for CAD Training?

 AutoCAD is one of the most used software in the sectors of construction and industry. There are a constant presence and importance of the tool for the market. But, there is a lack of qualified employees who master the use of the program. The goal is to make the user able to use the design, configuration, plotting, and collaboration resources efficiently in the software. With this course, you will have the necessary skills to develop projects, plan new ones, or modify existing ones. Besides, you will be qualified to become responsible for defining processes.

Target Audience

  • Engineers of all specialties.
  • Student of basic computer application.

Prerequisites for CAD Training

you will need the necessary computer skills and technical design. To become a CAD professional, you need no college degree is not required. Since many engineers and architects are exercising this function only due to the lack of professionals in the market, however, far beyond the knowledge of the software, the AutoCAD specialist must be able to read and interpret projects correctly.

Career Opportunity and JOB Market after Cad Training

The professional market for CAD is an area that works with AutoCAD, even without having a higher education in engineering, or architecture. The designers draw blueprints and technical drawings requested by engineers or architects – they are often well elaborated or presented in sketch format.

The demand for these technicians is always high. It is explained by the immense diversity of areas in which the designers can act. It is because practically any human manufacture needs a previous computational project to serve as a guide to its materialization. Thus, architectural firms, builders/developers, the furniture industry (furniture), advertising agencies, the automotive sector, and even teams of geographers must permanently rely on the visionary work of an AutoCAD specialist. Those who are willing to set their careers in this architectural design field must acquire the AutoCAD training from the best CAD CAM CAE Training Institutes in Kolkata

How to choose the best CAD center in Kolkata?

When choosing a training center for CAD CAM CAE it is essential to obtain quality recommendations for the selected location, because they help to ensure a good investment. Try to analyze the complaints that the chosen center accumulates on evaluation sites. Social networks, such as Facebook and Google, also have user review systems. It is essential to analyze carefully and assess whether complaints are relevant or not. Checking feedback from alumni is also very convenient. They are the primary source of information about the training offered by the center. Alumni can provide an insight into the institution’s methodology, infrastructure, teacher didactics, etc.