Everything You Need to Know About IT Security


Do you know about IT security? Do you know it can be a very useful thing to aid business progress?

Talking about IT security has a lot about it and if you don’t have a proper understanding of IT security, you might end up not doing things right.

In this article, I will show you everything you need to know about IT security.

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Overview of this article:

  • What is IT security?
  • What is the importance of IT security to organizations?
  • What are IT security threats?

What Is IT Security?

IT security simply means the protection of data and information from Intruders. Intruders are sometimes called hackers, they steal business information and use that to leverage against them thereby slowing down business activities. IT security is so important because it is applied in all spheres of business influence.

Let’s check out the benefits of IT security.

Importance Of IT Security To All Organizations

Increased performance:

When you have good IT security and backup, it is capable of increasing the organization’s performance and aiding progress in work to be done. An organization free of cyber attacks and breaches will progress more than those with an open system.

Less technical stress:

A company with strong IT security will experience less technical stress because the energy to be put into covering up for attacks will be channeled into the organization to aid growth and development.

Data protection:

If data is not lost in a firm then there is no cause for alarm. This is the major importance of IT security. To protect information and data so the organization doesn’t get tampered with by Intruders.

Prevention of people with unauthorized access:

This is one technology that the IT world has been able to implement in all spheres. If you do not have access to a particular data or information it would remain so until you’re granted authorized access. This can be done by adding passwords, facial recognition, fingerprints, and some others.

An uninterrupted flow of work process

There was a particular time we had an interruption with WhatsApp. Everyone was confused because of the unusual shutdown. This was caused by Intruders who were trying to steal the company’s data and information. In a bid to shield the application from the attack there was a shutdown that interrupted workflow.

Additional note: from the above explanation, you can detect that if there was balanced security on the network, there might be no interruption in service.

Threats to IT security

There are threats to IT security that’s why the cyber security officers keep coming up with upgrades that would be to the detriment of hackers. Let’s see some of these threats;

Denial of service attack

This is when a user is denied access to his system or network. This can be caused by an intruder who has changed the administration policy of the network.

Insider attack

the staff of the organization is capable of leaking out data and information which in the long run would be detrimental to the organization, thereby interrupting the flow of the work process.