How to Choose the Best Diesel Generator


Are you running a business relying on power?

Any downtime is going to affect your bottom line. When extreme weather events happen, you can expect power outages to happen. It’s more prevalent due to climate change, causing them to be more frequent and last longer.

How do you prevent downtime? The solution is to invest in the best diesel generator around.

Without prior experience, you’ll have no idea of desirable gas generator qualities. The good news is our guide can help. Read on as we discuss some tips to pick the right one for you:

Choose the Right Diesel Generator Type

Selecting the proper diesel generator affects the unit’s reliability, performance, and maintenance. A lot of people spend insufficient time evaluating their industrial needs. It often leads to various technical or maintenance issues later on.

When you’re picky with your purchase, you’ll get a better generator to meet both current and future demands. It also affects its residual value in the long run.

With that, think about your generator’s role and ask several questions:

  • Is it the primary worksite power source?
  • Is it the emergency backup power?
  • Do you need a portable diesel generator?
  • Will your local dealer give ongoing support?

After answering these questions, your search will become narrower. It makes the process of discovering the best diesel generator easier. You can also use a natural gas generator as an alternative.

Pick the Proper Size of Diesel Generator

When sizing your generator, consider the high inrush currents after starting a transformer or an electric motor. In some cases, it’s six times higher than the average load current. However, high-efficiency models can double it.

Determining the necessary generator size often involves using the motor and transformer to start kVA figures. However, sometimes your generator is too big for the electric motor. Your choice doesn’t always relate to a specific application’s needs.

Most modern diesel generators can deal with the extra excitation necessary during start-up. As such, you need not buy a larger one to cope with the power surge at the start.

The best part of having the proper diesel generator size is the environmental benefits. It allows you to reduce emissions, especially now ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) contains 97% less sulfur.

Consider Whether Load Sharing Is Necessary

Before investing in a more powerful diesel generator, think about a more modular approach instead. Using multiple smaller models allows your business to become more flexible. You can also use them to make a load share power source.

The boost helps fuel efficiency since you can deactivate some during slack periods. You can maintain and refuel these generators to ensure their longevity.

Get the Best Diesel Generator Now

These are some tips to get the best diesel generator for your business. Never let power outages diminish your profits. Use these to guide you and make the most out of your investment.

Did you find this guide helpful? If so, consider reading our other posts and expanding your knowledge today.