How Youtube has Changed Lives!


The world’s largest video hosting website, YouTube has affected and changed lives in a lot of spectrums. With the availability of content that delivers to every age group, profession, occupation and interests- YouTube has emerged as one of the world’s most popular search engines. The other reason why YouTube has gained so much popularity over these years is easy accessibility.

When we think of YouTube as a platform, the first few communities that seem to be majorly impacted by it are- content creators and viewers. It gives content creators a platform to showcase their work and even better, earn by showcasing it! On the other hand, viewers find answers to everything they can possibly think of, may that be homemade recipes for cooking or the answer to all their ‘how-tos’.

When YouTube was introduced in 2005, there was no way anybody could have imagined that just in a span of 10 years, 400 hours of video will be uploaded on the website every minute. YouTube, with its innovative services and easy accessibility, is today the third most visited website, after Google and Facebook.

Youtube might have made it possible for dreams to be bigger, but it made the world smaller. How? By connecting millions of people with such ease. It gives you the power to travel the whole world, gain knowledge and experience, find out some amazing things and answer all your questions with a single click.

It becomes harder and harder to underestimate the impact of YouTube on the world, considering the number of people attached to this platform, and growing each day. A lot of people have gained popularity because of this very platform, and are continuing to do so. For a lot of people thriving to grow their businesses, YouTube is an excellent platform to advertise, given the massive reach and the number of people consuming content.

Besides the money part and the profound talk about gaining knowledge and experience, YouTube has emerged as one of the largest entertainment providers. Various vlogs, tutorials, vines et cetera have become the foremost source of entertainment for a lot of viewers worldwide.

Although YouTube has seen a lot of success, there are always two sides to a coin. Of course, YouTube comes with a lot of advantages, but there’s a downside to it as well. Pros and Cons for Youtube for everyone.

  • The addiction- A lot of people get addicted and obsessively watch stuff on YouTube, which is being called as ‘binge-watching’ these days. This has been recognized as an actual disorder by psychiatrists. This leads to alienation from the real world and over-occupation in the virtual world. On a higher level, it also shows depression and anxiety.
  • Lack of promise as a career option- Not everyone posting content on YouTube is successful and famous. Besides that, due to the high level of competition, it becomes difficult to survive if your content/service/idea is not out of the box.
  • Anyone can post anything, and everyone has the access to view it- A lot of content on YouTube is posted with ill-intention. This leads to the spread of the wrong message and that could be harmful. Besides, there is no privacy, because everything you post can be viewed by anyone and everyone.
  • There could be copyright infringement issues

YouTube has its own pros and cons, both explained in the article above. However, with the right amount of caution and sensibility in handling, viewing or posting content, it’s a great platform! I hope you found this helpful.

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