How to Bet on League of Legends Online


Having one of the world’s largest and most active communities, League of Legends (LoL) is undoubtedly a bona fide powerhouse in the esports sphere. 

The community is only a part of League of Legends’ success, with other elements being its many small-level tournaments and a well-built competitive calendar.  

However, many of LoL’s active community appear to be it to actual money esports staking. 

This isn’t a new phenomenon; League of Legends and esports waging have risen in popularity over the last decade since the launch of the first-ever mainstream event. Consequently, many bookmakers like Parimatch began providing betting odds for this popular game. 

This article covers what League of Legends is and how you can place LoL bets on Parimatch. 

What Is League of Legends?

League of Legends (LoL), commonly called League, is a video game developed by Riot Games. LoL belongs to the popular Multiplayer Online Battle (MOBA) genre. 

Unlike most esport games, League of Legends isn’t round-based. Instead, games belonging to the MOBA genre have one easy mission: a team should destroy another team’s base. 

In terms of diversity, LoL has gone over and beyond to ensure inclusivity in its games. League of Legends has a total of 148 champions. Every champion has distinct capabilities and can add value to the team in various ways. 

Besides diversity, LoL has over 175 in-game assets that you can buy. These in-game items provide different special abilities — both active and passive — and stat boosters which are essential in LoL. 

Biggest LoL Events

LoL Worlds

LoL Worlds, also known as League of Legends World Championships, is unquestionably the most popular event in League of Legends’ competitive calendar. 


LoL Worlds brings forth the top teams and pits them against each other for global recognition and massive prizes; therefore, it’s the most popular LoL staking event. 

Mid-Season Invitational

Often called MSI, this event is held between the two season splits. Like LoL Worlds, they also pit the top teams against each other; however, they don’t offer the same massive prizes offered in LoL Worlds. 

Regional Championships

Regional championships have a league-like experience and are sub-divided into two splits. The Mid-Season Invitationals occur after the first split, and the World Championships are the peak of every competitive season. 

Understanding LoL Staking Odds

The ability to decipher staking odds is an essential skill for success in betting on League of Legends. 

For example, if KT Rolster is a favorite in a forthcoming best-of-three match against Damwon gaming, the odds format listed in this Moneyline event may look like KT Rolster (-160) versus Dam won Gaming (+120). 

Reading Moneyline Odds

Odds that have a “-” before the number show that this is the cash you’ll have to stake to win 7,000 INR. Therefore, a 12,500 INR stake in KT Rolster at -160 will yield a 7,000 INR payout. 

This ratio still stands, the stake amount notwithstanding; therefore, a 6,200 INR stake would make a 3,800 INR profit if you won, and a 124,6000 INR wager would yield a 77,900 INR profit. 

A stake that has “+” before is a wage on the underdog. The number shows how much you would make on a 7,000 INR stake. Therefore, staking 7,000 INR on Dawn Gaming at +120 would yield 9,300 INR, whereas a stake of 15,500 INR would yield 18,700 INR

Reading Decimal Odds

Several sportsbooks use decimals rather than American odds. This event would be listed as KT Rolster (1.63) versus Dam won Gaming (2.20) in the decimal format. 

In the decimal format, you must multiply your bet amount by the decimal to see what the bet would yield. For instance, staking on Damwon Gaming would yield 16,900 INR  (7,700 INR x 2.20)

The $220 equates to your initial 7,700 INR stake plus 9,300 INR in profit, which is the same as +120. Likewise, a 15,500 INR bet on KT Rolster will pay out 25,200 INR (15,500 INR x 1.63), which translates to a 9,700 INR profit

No matter the format you use to read the odds, the payout offered on each side is the same. 

How to Place a Bet on LoL on Parimatch

Staking on LoL is the same as taking on any other sport or event. The simplest type of LoL stake is a wager on the odds for winning for each team in which stakes are simply staking on which team will win, which in regular play is a best-of-three. 

The payouts and odds are distinct based on every side’s perceived odds of winning. 

For instance, if two sides have equal chances of winning a match, the payout will be almost the same if either team wins. This is because the perceived chances that either team wins are pretty high. 

However, if a stronger team plays against a weaker team, the staking odds will be modified accordingly. 

The steps for taking on League of Legends Parimatch are as follows:

  1. Click on the register or join tab. Enter your details. Note that some bookmakers will need copies of your IDs immediately. 
  2. Verify your email, sign in, and make your first deposit. 
  3. Enter your bank details or credit info and finalize your first deposit.
  4. After successfully making your initial deposit, you’re now ready to explore the vast online LoL staking waters.

LoL Betting Options on Parimatch

Let’s go over how you can begin League of Legends betting without using the same bet types every time.

LoL betting options come in various sizes and shapes and take up a large part of staked matches. Let’s look at the three most common choices:

First Blood

This is the name of the initial kill in a LoL match. First, blood not only boosts morale but also produces massive bonuses, and the outcome is that the opposing lane loses precious gold/cs and experience. 

First Blood experts give you two choices when placing the wager in LoL: team A or B. The staking is simple — choose the team you believe will take the first blood. 

First to Take Baron

This is another essential type of wager. The premise of this LoL stake is pretty straightforward. Staker’s wager on the team they believe will take the match’s initial baron. 

This bet can be pretty tricky; however, with some knowledge and experience on a team’s baron tactics, you can make this a workable constant in your LoL staking arsenal.

Match Duration

You’ll enjoy this game the most if you’re interested in staking on LoL. Match Duration’s premise is pretty straightforward. LoL isn’t a rounds-based game; instead, it’s an objective-based game. 

There are two ways stakers can handle match duration wagers:

  • First, stakers are given an average duration and should guess whether the match will be longer or shorter than the given duration.  
  • Second, an interlude-based approach lets stakers wager on a few duration interludes, e.g., 30-40 minutes.

Both wagers are fantastic in their way.

Wrapping Up

As esports popularity continues growing, more sportsbooks are providing staking odds on popular games like LoL. If you’re already using Parimatch, you’ve probably encountered staking lines offered on LoL and other events.