Advantages and Cases Used for Salesforce



Salesforce is a cloud-based medium that supplies software and assistance to develop appropriate customer knowledge. It is based on a multi-tenant architecture that has an advantage such as API combination, scalability, platform assistance, and many more. This is one of the finest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) assistance suppliers. It also gives Artificial Intelligence (AI) medium for marketing automation, financing, HR management, etc. Salesforce satisfies both small and large businesses. So, if you are looking to learn salesforce then you should join Salesforce Online Certification in Dubai from where you will get a complete understanding of this particular course. 

Why do we Use Salesforce?

  • Every customer is understandable with the help of sales, marketing, and customer assistance crews when Salesforce CRM is used.
  • This is developing in cloud computing and if you are fond of technology, then you might understand that CRM is moving towards cloud computing.
  • You can get more ROI through the cloud medium and infrastructure of this software. 
  • This gives complete freedom so that clients can customize the CRM for their business.
  • AppExchange has been provided by Salesforce which has an excess of readymade business applications not only for CRM.

Advantages of Salesforce:

  • Salesforce CPQ has an easy step-wise approach and it instructs the sales representatives according to the operation. It also includes all the details about guidelines and changes in prices, which helps to increase accuracy.
  • Front and back-office teams can work comfortably in sync across the company. Organizations can facilitate sales data and quote details are simply passed through downstream along the channel.
  • Customers require flexibility because companies are presenting new income models these days, such as subscriptions. Salesforce CPQ is the best CPQ software that supports such instances.
  • Salesforce CPQ contains data for teams and provides the sales teams with precise knowledge of what they can supply to the customers.

Cases used for Salesforce:

Operational-CRM-: The Operational-CRM is concentrating to enhance the business operations, enhancement, automation, and enhancing their client understanding at the same time. There are some examples of Operational-CRM that contain websites, data accumulation systems, and call centers. They help to improve marketing price, customer satisfaction and maximize the company’s sales.

CRM for Sales-: It’s a software application that is useful for reference management, which saves the precious time of sales agents and enhances their efficiency. The CRM software and applications are simple and easy to use. 

They contribute to improving sales procedures and transforming information into possibilities. 

Support-: It allows you to stay connected with your consumers and follow their relations at various touchpoints. A prosperous business needs to forecast its importance and have a precise picture of its prospective relations. Salesforce also supplies 24/7 help to its consumer and allow them to resolve their problems in less time. 

Management-: CRM authorizes you to follow and handle your leads, evaluate various assignments, estimate their size, etc. Also, it is used by administrators to allocate duties to the team members and virtually manet various teams like sales and marketing.

Marketing-: You can synchronize CRM with the marketing teams and drive it more comfortable to locate new opportunities. The team can utilize it to gather more data regarding the consumers and examine their manners. This ultimately allows you to propel the possible customers at the bottom of the marketing field.


Earlier, we have discussed the advantages and uses of salesforce which indicates that it is one the most famous CRM in business fields. This communicates a lot about salesforce in that it is at the cutting edge of creation. If you want to learn salesforce to enhance your skills in the business field then join the Salesforce Online Course in Oman from where you will get complete training knowledge.