The Different Types of Pallet Racking That Is Used in Warehouses


Pallet racking is one of the most essential pieces of a warehouse. It supports a lot of weight and helps organize different components of a building. It’s essentially the backbone of a warehouse.

If it’s not stored correctly, it can take up way too much room. It can also cause damage to other objects stored in the warehouse.

Different sizes of it vary in height and width. A control system needs to hold all of those at an assortment of heights. There are different types of pallet racking used to accommodate the different size pallets.

Here is a look at some of the different kinds of it that were used in warehouses today.

Standard Pallet Racks

There are many types of pallet racks available on the logistics industry market, but the standard one is the most commonly used. It stores pallets in a warehouse environment and is typically made from steel.

It consists of upright frames that are connected with horizontal beams. The beams are adjustable so that they can move to different heights. This allows storing different pallet sizes on the rack.

Push Back Pallet Racks

A push back rack system typically consists of a series of inclined rails that are mounted on pairs of load-bearing wheels. The rails have spaces at regular intervals so that they can accommodate the pallets.

To store one, it is simply pushed back on the rails until the next pallet in line stops by. To retrieve it, the pallet in front is first pushed forward until it is clear of the rail, then it pulls out the desired pallet.

Cantilevered Pallet Racks

Cantilevered pallet racks are specially designed to store heavy loads. The racks consist of steel and have a series of horizontal beams that vertical posts support. The beams are not connected to the posts, but they are cantilevered, or protrude outward from the posts.

This design allows the racks to support heavy loads without the beams sagging or the posts breaking. They are often used in warehouses and factories to store heavy machinery, equipment, and materials.

Mobile Pallet Racks

The mobile pallet rack system consists of a frame that supports a series of rails, on which they are loaded and unloaded. The rails are mounted on wheels, which allow the rack to move around the inventory storage.

This type of system is often used in conjunction with a forklift to move them onto and off of the rack.

Pressure-Assisted Pallet Racks

Pressure-assisted pallet racking systems are one of the most efficient and versatile options. These racks use a system of hydraulics to lift and lower them onto and off of the racks, which makes them perfect for high-density storage. They also have a high weight capacity, making them perfect for heavy loads.

Choosing Between the Different Types of Pallet Racking

We use many different types of pallet racking in warehouses, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The type of racking that is best for your warehouse will depend on your specific needs and requirements. If you are not sure which type of it that is best for your warehouse, you can contact a professional storage consultant to help you make the best decision for your business.

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