Top 5 E-Commerce WordPress Plugins to Launch your First Store


Are you looking to launch your first online store? Are you confused about which E-Commerce plugin to choose out of a pool of thousands? You are not alone! Selecting the right E-Commerce plugin is the first step you take to build a successful store.

Opening your E-Commerce store can be a dream for many because of enhanced brand visibility, savings, flexibility, you name it. But when it comes to plugins, the options are plenty. These plugins can help you market your products, boost your sales, and provide customer support.

A better platform to start means more opportunities, more growth, and, ultimately, more revenue, so choosing the right plugin is crucial for any business. If you are confused about the right platform, our guide will help you declutter your mind and choose the right platform for your business.

In this article, we have compared our top five plugins in terms of their features and what they offer. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!


Any discussion of WordPress plugins is incomplete without WooCommerce. This plugin has made its mark as one of the best plugins out there. It’s incredible customization and flexibility makes it different from the competition.

WooCommerce is now the driving force behind almost 30% of the online stores. Here are some of the features of WooCommerce:

Blog Integration

WooCommerce allows you to integrate your blog to the website to rank your website better. As you can integrate your blog with the website, you will not need to make a separate blog.

Free of Cost

While there are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, not all of them are free. In such a situation, WooCommerce stands out as a free resource that also provides users with a smooth experience.


As per your needs, WooCommerce can be scaled up whenever you want. To increase the functionality of WooCommerce, you can rely on several extensions as well.

A Big Community

One of the biggest plus points of WooCommerce is its big and helpful community. Experienced E-commerce store experts are always ready to help out their colleagues. The platform itself is always dedicated to helping out others and has reliable customer support as well.


Specifically designed to help businesses boost their online sales, BigCommerce is not behind WooCommerce. It runs some powerhouses such as Ben & Jerry’s and Skull Candy, among others. BigCommerce offers seamless integration to the WordPress website and delivers high performance, security, and scalability.


BigCommerce is on the top of its game when it comes to managing the security plugins. With reduced risk and countless resources, it offers customers a secure and seamless E-Commerce experience.


In terms of ease-of-use, BigCommerce is a big winner again, all thanks to its template files that you can overwrite and modify some ready-to-use projects such as AMP pages.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you are looking to sell digital products such as PDFs, music, e-books without any hassle, Easy Digital Downloads can be a great option. It’s lightweight and comes with all the features you need. What makes Easy Digital Downloads stand out from other stores is that it does not come with useless features.

This plugin is integrated into PayPal and Amazon and allows you to sell your digital content without any spins. Easy Digital Downloads offers premium extensions as well that will enable you to integrate your store with different tools to collect email marketing automation, and host files, etc.

Data Reporting

Easy Digital Downloads allows you to see detailed reports with statistics such as taxes, sale logs, earning by dates, etc.

File Storage

Easy Digital Downloads has integrated Amazon and Dropbox in case your WordPress library is not enough to host your data files.

Plenty of features

From setting up a shopping cart to plenty of payment methods to discount codes, this plugin has a lot of features that will come handy for your store.

Customer Management

Easy Digital Downloads has incorporated an advanced system to manage their customers. It allows you to edit, delete, and track the customers and their recent activity on your page.

WP Commerce

One of the most used plugins for online stores, WP Commerce, stands out because of its wide variety of free features that you hardly require a paid one. It is greatly optimized for search engines and can be integrated into social networks as well. Pair it with some extensions, and you have one of the best plugins out there.


WP Commerce allows using PHP tags to widgets and WordPress and offers a completely customizable design to users. Whether your store is about apparel, e-books, or electrical products such as coaxial cables, it offers something for everyone!

Supports Social Networks

You can not only import your products from your social sites such as Facebook and Google marketplace, but it also allows you to share and sell there as well.

Ecwid E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Small price tag, more features – this is what defines Ecwid E-Commerce Shopping Cart. Ecwid stands for E-Commerce Widget and is completely customizable according to your needs. In other words, it lets you manage your store on the go.

Ecwid is an affordable solution for all your E-Commerce problems and includes mobile as well as a web store so you can sell anywhere, anytime. It has features that other competitors don’t by default, such as more than 40 payment options, unlimited storage, and backups, etc.

Currently, it is working with big companies like FedEx. Let’s talk about its impressive features:


Like we said, with Ecwid, you can sell anywhere, anytime. It allows you to sell your products on the go using the Smartphone app, social apps, and even markets like eBay.


Ecwid is a popular choice because it allows more than 40 secure international payment options so customers can get done with the process faster and in a more secure way.

Order Process

All thanks to the app, you can process orders anytime, anywhere as well. All you have to do is launch the app and inform your customers about their queries.


Now that you are armed with all these awesome plugins take over the business world, and build your brand. But we want to know the one you chose, so don’t forget to comment down below. Cheers!