What Are the Advantages of Managed IT Services?


Managed IT services are becoming increasingly popular today. Thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were forced to adopt remote working. That’s because governments across the world implemented lockdowns and curfews.

These changes were predicted to cause more than a third of IT budgets to increase come 2021. For this reason, most businesses turn to managed IT services for assistance. Unfortunately, some business owners are still on the fence about using managed IT services. If you’re one of them, below are benefits of MSP that you should consider:

Reduces IT Costs

Most managed service providers prefer their clients to pay on a subscription basis. This turns your IT cost into an operational expense rather than a capital cost. This is an excellent benefit for many businesses.

That’s because it requires a lower initial investment than hiring an in-house IT team. Managed service providers also ensure your business’s IT costs are predictable. Hence, you will not have any significant additional expenses. Some additional expenses include equipment and software upgrades.

However, the subscription amount you pay will depend on the services your business requires. It also depends on the number of people using the MSP services in your company.

For example, if you need the MSP to create and manage your CRM software, they will charge you for the software and the number of employees using it. Moreover, the subscription cost will increase with the number of services and people using them. Hence, it’s advisable to check your business needs before contracting an MSP.

Reduces Labour Costs

One of the significant benefits of hiring a managed service provider is reduced labor costs. In most cases hiring, onboarding, and training IT staff is an expensive, taxing, and hectic process. This is especially true if you’re doing it from scratch.

Unfortunately, this costly process may not always get you the desired results you need. However, your business will not incur these onboarding and hiring costs with a managed IT service provider. You will have a team of experts and professionals who will handle all your IT needs without an expensive hiring process.

Therefore, you will save money on IT labor costs. You can use the money you saved on other essential business processes.

Hiring an MSP such as Be Structures Technology Group also reduces the workload on your human resources department. This means your HR department can focus its resources on other important aspects of your business.

When looking for the right MSP Company, ensure you also check their staff page. Knowing more about a company’s employees will help you choose the one that best fits your needs. For instance, you can read about Roxanne Tamayo and other Be Structures Technology Group employees on their site.

Increased IT Security

Today, more businesses are at risk of cyber-attacks. These attacks may result in losses worth thousands or even millions of dollars to repair the damages. A study shows that over 60% of companies go out of business within six months following a data breach.

Today, every company’s network and system are exposed to new cyber security threats every day. And unfortunately, hackers and cybercriminals can infiltrate your network if you don’t have any protocols and procedures in place to prevent them. This may cause extensive damage to your network and lead to losses.

The best way to avoid a cyber-attack is using a managed IT service provider. The MSP will monitor your network, identify gaps in your systems, and fix them. This prevents hackers and cybercriminals from carrying out attacks.

Your managed service provider can also do the following to avoid security breaches in your organization:

  • Eliminate security gaps and loopholes to decrease security breaches
  • Pinpointing and resolving misconfiguration problems
  • Protecting your network against malware and virus penetration
  • Preventing cybercriminals from hacking your network and stealing important information
  • Identifying and stopping a cyber-attack immediately it happens

But how can MSPs manage to do all these for your organization?

They do this through 24-hour alarm monitoring. They also install antivirus and update them to include essential business security solutions. These solutions may include Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

Helps You Quickly Implement New Technology

Implementing new technology involves hiring and retaining the right personnel. It also requires you to train them and give them the resources and IT support they need. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process, especially for a start-up business.

However, you can eliminate the stress, resources, and expenses required for this process with a managed service provider. That’s because the MSP employees will handle all the processes involved in the new technology implementation. And thanks to their extensive knowledge and expertise, the process will be quicker.

The MSP will also have the needed resources to handle new technology implementation in your company. This will save you the time and money your company will use.

Data Compliance Issues Support

Today, most businesses in different industries are required to meet strict data compliance standards. This means that the government needs these businesses to put key data protection rules to protect their clients’ information from data breaches. These compliance rules apply to all IT initiatives in your company, including IT integration.

These rules include the HIPAA and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. These are essential federal laws that spell out specific guidelines for organizations regarding:

  • Financial services
  • Privacy
  • Reporting
  • Security

Fortunately, most MSPs are well versed with these rules and regulations. Hence, they will ensure data compliance when integrating your company’s IT services, including software and security breach initiatives.

The Benefits of Managed IT services

Most small businesses often start small and expand as their businesses grow. Using managed IT services will help you save money and resources. You can redirect these resources to help your company grow.

There are many benefits of managed IT services. These benefits include ensuring your business is compliant with data privacy regulations, quick technology implementation, reduced IT costs, and increased cyber security. This helps you ensure that the right resources and professionals are allocated to handle your business’s IT needs.

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