What Trips Your Circuit Breaker


Gold coast in Queensland, Australia, boasts a population of almost 700,000 people. This coastal city is the sixth-largest in the country and the second-largest in the state. While it is best known for its natural landscape, from the surfing beaches to the rainforests and the hinterlands, the Gold Coast is also a significant part of Australia’s booming entertainment industry. 

With its dense network of high-rise apartments, clubs, restaurants and studios, reliable electrical service is a premium in Gold Coast. When the power in your commercial building suddenly goes out, it might be hard for the untrained to detect the problem. The most likely issue is a tripped circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers are electrical switches that prevent your circuits from overloading. Repeated electrical problems in your building might lead to damaged appliances, and at worst, fire. If you feel unqualified to address an electrical issue, call any one of the many reliable electricians gold coast might have. 

Many things can trip your circuit breakers. The top culprits are: 

Energy overloads. Energy overloads might mean that your breaker is handling too much energy. Breakers typically guard the safe limit of electrical power that can be supplied to a building. Once this limit exceeds, chances are, the breaker will trip. This occurs when you plug in extremely high-power equipment in an area without safe amperage or use a new appliance that the system is unable to support. 

Appliance failure. Faulty, incompatible, or damaged appliances can cause your system to be overloaded if they use more power than the system is built to hold. When you experience a breaker trip, inspect all the appliances in the workplace connected to that breaker. If a specific appliance is hotter than normal, the rest of the circuit system may not be the issue. 

Ground fault. Ground faults are technically types of short circuits. Ground faults occur when your grounding wire comes into contact with a hot wire. This often results in dead outlets. 

Short circuit. Short circuits are a common electrical issue that occurs when two active wires come into contact. A short circuit usually produces a burning wire smell and a blackening surrounding the outlet. It is best not to deal with a short circuit by yourself; instead, call a professional electrician to handle it. 

Storms. An errant bolt of lightning can strike an electric cable of a building and in less than seconds kill all its breakers. While this might not usually last long, if the power does not come back on, you may need to call for electrical repair.

Important Safety Considerations 

Tripping circuit breakers not only disrupt the supply of electricity but can also lead to fatal incidents. Electric shock, electrocution, burns, and fires are only some of the dangers that may come with defective breakers. Here are some safety precautions to observe if you find your building’s power is often interrupted:

  • Schedule a comprehensive inspection of your circuit panels, particularly if you have an older commercial building. If you must, update major electrical equipment or panels for continuous reliable and safe usage. 
  • When inspecting or resetting your circuit breaker, make sure to put on safety eyewear. Avoid standing at the front of a panel in case the breaker releases some sparks. 
  • Check electrical equipment and cords for defects or cuts, particularly in damp areas. It is crucial that water should not come in contact with any live wire.  
  • For added safety, avoid working on any wet appliances or equipment. Wait for a professional with protective equipment to handle the matter for you.

Many things can contribute to the disruption of electrical service in your buildings. If your circuit breakers tripping is a regular occurrence, this might be indicative of a serious problem that professionals will have to diagnose. In case it is merely your breaker experiencing general wear and tear, it is best to call professional electricians to help you replace your wiring. Finding the best electrician gold coast can provide is a good way to keep the business in your buildings running smoothly.