A Business Owner’s Guide to Channel Letter Signage


76% of Americans will enter a store for the first time because of its exterior signage.

How can you attract customers without spending too much money and time? Channel letter signage is an affordable and effortless way to attract customers to your business premises. These signs are beautiful and can withstand adverse weather conditions and long-term use.

But how can you start using channel letter signage at your business? Read on to find out.

What Is Channel Letter Signage?

Channel letter is a form of business signage that appears on the outside of many business premises. It uses bold letters and graphic elements to create a three-dimensional appearance.

You can use many types of materials to make channel letters, such as steel and aluminum. The use of readily available materials means that the channel letter signage cost is quite low. Once you’ve installed the signage, you’ll use LED for channel letter signs to illuminate the sign.

Types of Channel Letters Signs

Before you can choose letter signage, it’s important to know the various types that exist. Some of the main channel letter types are:


The front-lit type is where the light illuminates the faces of the letters. You will most likely use a translucent light to increase visibility during the day and night. The specifications of the signage and the size of the letters will depend on your preferences.


This is a type of channel letter signage that looks like the letters are floating on the wall. You can achieve this type of channel letter sign installation by trying to create a “halo effect.” The installing experts will use metal to surround the letters and create a floating perspective.

Combined Front/Back

You can combine the front-lit type with the backlit channel letter signs to create the culmination. The idea is to stand out and create contrast between the floating letters and the glowing background.

How to Mount Channel Letter Signage

Mounting lighted channel letter signs can happen in one of three ways. You can use backer mounts, flush mounts, or raceway mounts.

Raceway Mount

Raceway mount uses electrical wiring, a power supply, and a metal box to illuminate each letter. The method is popular because it doesn’t require too many holes to install the signage. In addition, you can install the channel letter signs so that they are not too conspicuous to minimize distraction.

Flush Mount

You can use a non-corrosive fastener to attach the channel signage to the wall. The direct mounting means that you can use special lighting to illuminate the letters. You’ll then install the wiring and power supply behind the signage.

Backer Mount

You can attach the letters to a backer cabinet that’s larger than the letters. The cabinet can also store the power supply and wiring.

Use Channel Letter Signage to Attract More Customers

Channel letter signage is a cheap and effective way to increase your business’s visibility. Once you install it, you won’t have to do extra maintenance or investments. That’s why you must use this guide to install channel letter signage at your business.

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