4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Ute Trays


Finding the right ute tray for a ute or truck can put one in a dilemma as numerous brands, options, and designs are available. Whether you opt for standard aluminium, heavy-duty aluminium or steel ute trays, you have to be sure with your decision as they can impact the vehicle’s functionality. You may also have concerns regarding the body and the canopy and if you can take it for off-roading.

There are some key factors you need to consider before selecting ute trays. If your ute tray doesn’t have pre-installed trays and you want to add them later on, the discussion on the following factors can guide you with your purchase:


The size of the ute tray is an important factor to check before selecting the tray. You can get silver series and gold series ute trays in different sizes with standard inclusions like removable corner posts, rear side steps, full mudguards, drop locks and drop sides. The size can also be upgraded and customised according to your specific needs.

It is best to test the tray size and functionality before buying. Also, don’t forget to ask for the dimensions, especially if you plan to carry longer objects or equipment.


The majority of people often overlook the weight factor. Ute trays come in different weights that can largely impact the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

In addition to the tray, consider the weight of your tools to estimate the full load after the tray’s installation. It means the heavier the tray post full load, the lesser fuel economy you will get. Therefore, the size, shape and type of goods you plan to carry can largely impact the fuel economy and practicality of the vehicle, so weight is a crucial factor during tray selection.


Mostly aluminium or steel ute trays are chosen for utes or trucks depending on the lifestyle needs and requirements. Aluminium ute trays are lightweight and cheaper than steel. On the other hand, steel trays are more tough, strong and resilient.

You can also get alloy ute trays that have excellent aesthetic appeal but do not offer longevity like steel or aluminium. So, when you choose the material, make sure it suits the type and weight of the objects you wish to carry.

For example, if you need to carry construction or industrial materials, you need a robust tray. And for that, steel is the ideal option. Moreover, you can also make a choice based on your style. You can get an aluminium tray in shiny grey or powder-coated matte black alloy trays according to your preference.


A tray’s durability is determined by its ability to withstand different weather conditions. It is best if you could get weatherproof ute trays, but not all the ute trays available are weatherproof.

Steel ute trays are more durable and weather tolerant than aluminium ones. But steel trays are heavy and susceptible to rust. So, if you’re considering installing steel trays, keep them protected from rusting. Also, you should install the tray so that the water doesn’t get collected between the vehicle and the tray, as it may lead to rusting.

Considering the above factors, you can buy a sturdy and durable tray and get value for your money. But you don’t want the hassle during its installation after taking so much trouble for tray selection. So, before purchasing, you must inquire from the manufacturer about the complete installation process and hire a professional to get it installed.