5 Common Signs You Have a Lemon Car


Each year, more than 41 million used vehicles are bought and sold in the United States. 

Used vehicles are a great option if you are trying to save some money and lower insurance costs.

If you are in the market for a new car, there are red flags that you should avoid when making purchases.

Continue reading to discover the most obvious signs of a lemon car and how to proceed! 

1. Strange Smells

One of the biggest red flags to watch out for in vehicles is strange and unpleasant odors.

When you get into a car, try to pay attention to any scents. A lemon car typically has smokey or musty scents. You should pay attention because these scents could be related to engine problems or burning. 

If you are still interested in a car that doesn’t smell brand new, take a look under the hood. This will help you identify if the previous owner neglected to clear or care for the car. 

2. Untrustworthy Advertising

When companies are trying to get rid of inventory with car issues, they can sometimes fluff the advertising.

If you see an ad in the paper for an expensive vehicle at a low cost, be wary. Salespeople will use fun marketing tactics to draw in buyers and convince them that the car is worth it. By working with a lemon law attorney, you can ensure that what is being advertised is what you will get. 

3. Worn Tires

Buying a car makes to evaluate many different factors when making a decision.

One of the easily forgotten features that people overlook is worn-out tires. When looking for a new vehicle, you will want to get one with good tires that have tread and no visible damage.

Not checking the tires when you purchase a car could leave you will hefty expenses shortly. Talk to the dealership to see if they can find better replacements if you are concerned about the condition of your tires. 

4. Wiring Problems

Did the previous owner or dealer warn you about window and lock malfunctions when you were looking at a car?

When windows, locks, and sound systems have difficulty staying connected, you could be dealing with a lemon car. Wiring problems are hard to find because you have to know what you are looking for and dive inside. 

Many people who lack car knowledge don’t recognize these problems and end up paying more for repairs. 

5. Frankenstein Car

A Frankenstein car is exactly what it sounds like— a vehicle with mismatched pieces all connected.

You will want to avoid these cars because they have likely been in an accident or went through other damage. Many people buy vehicle parts, even painted different colors, to save on costs, but they don’t fully fix the problem. 

If you are looking at a car with mismatched parts, inquire about it with the seller. They might be able to reassure you that it is safe and functioning. 

Do You Have a Lemon Car?

Getting a new car can be exciting as you drive around with the windows down.

Unfortunately, some vehicles that you come across might be lemon cars. By utilizing this guide, you can quickly identify a lemon car and avoid purchasing it. Take each car for a drive before purchasing to save yourself money and frustration. 

Don’t be afraid to ask dealers more questions about a vehicle to understand its history. 

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