CPR: Why Everyone Should Get Certified As Soon As Possible


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique that anyone can learn. With a bit of knowledge and a few skills, you can become a hero-in-waiting.

The vast majority of cardiac arrests that occur outside hospitals result in death. By learning when and how to perform CPR, you can keep loved ones and strangers alive until professional help can arrive.

Continue reading the article below to learn how a quick CPR certification will better prepare you to face emergencies.

Do It For Your Family

 Whether you are raising kids, caring for elderly parents, or have created your own “found family,” you want to show up for the people you love. About 80 to 90% of cardiac arrests happen in the home, so you will likely be the only person available to perform CPR. Of course, if there are other adults in your home, urge them to learn CPR, too–you might need to save one day, too!

Most of the time, responsibility for a family consists of preventing problems from arising in the first place, but you can never fully emergency-proof your life. A quick CPR certification can give you added peace of mind.

Do It For Your Job

Some professions require employees to be CPR certified. Any job that makes you responsible for minors, the elderly, or people with disabilities will understandably want you to know CPR and first aid. Other professions that will likely require certification are those where your clients or coworkers engage in activities that put them at higher risk of cardiac arrest and higher risk of being far from medical help. These include personal trainers, lifeguards, flight attendants, adventure guides, etc.

If you’re about to start such a job, there’s no need to wait for a locally available class to come up. Quick CPR certification, available online, can get you started right away.

Do It For Your Community

According to studies, less than half of people who experience cardiac arrest receive CPR from a bystander. While this is a much higher CPR rate than those experiencing cardiac arrest at home, it can and should be much higher.

The more people who know how to perform CPR correctly, the higher your community’s cardiac arrest survival rate. With quick CPR certification, you can be part of a movement to make communities safer and improve health outcomes for all.

Do It For Yourself

No one likes to feel powerless. While some situations will always be out of your control, responding to a cardiac arrest doesn’t have to be one of them. Learning when and how to perform CPR safely and effectively will give you the confidence to face these emergencies head-on.

Find Quick CPR Certification Online

You may be looking to get certified in CPR because it’s a job requirement, a way to keep your family safe, a civic duty, or an addition to your confidence toolkit. Get your CPR certification as soon as possible for any of these reasons.