How to Design an Invoice That Stands Out


Creating an instantly recognizable brand is something most business owners are passionate about. Studies show that businesses that present their brand consistently across multiple platforms can increase revenue by nearly 23 percent. When trying to present your brand to customers, you can’t underestimate the importance of a well-designed invoice.

The process to design an invoice can be a time-consuming and stressful experience. However, an eye-catching invoice design can help you make a positive impression on new customers. Read below for some helpful tips on how to create a winning invoice design.

Design An Invoice That Features Your Business Name and Logo

As you start the invoice design process, don’t forget about the basic elements you want to include. Some business owners get so wrapped up in making their invoices unique that they forget to add important elements like their business name and logo.

Ideally, you want your business name and logo to be prominently featured in the header portion of your invoice.

By doing this, you can capture the attention of invoice recipients that aren’t familiar with your brand. Prominently featuring your business name and logo can also make managing invoices easier for your customers.

If a customer receives bills from multiple companies, they will have the desire to organize each one in a hurry. This is where a well-placed business name and logo can come in handy.

Include Contact Information in Your Invoice Design

When a customer has questions about an invoice they receive from your business, you need to provide them with the ability to contact you quickly. Forgetting to add contact information in your invoice design can create problems. If a customer has to scour the internet to find out how to contact your business, they will probably get frustrated.

Rather than dealing with these problems, you need to make sure things like your business address, email, social media handles, and phone number are included on your invoice. Putting these contact details right below your business name and logo make them easy to find.

If you want to make printing out a mass amount of invoices easier, then using the power of technology is a good idea. With the help of an online invoice generator, you can create and send out lots of bills in a relatively short amount of time.

Most invoice generator programs will also provide lots of customization and design options, which can help you make a unique and appealing invoice.

A Breakdown of the Charges

The last thing you want is for customers to receive a bill that has little to no details. If all the customer sees is the overall amount of the charges, they will probably get confused. This is why providing a line-by-line breakdown of these charges is a good idea.

Being as descriptive as possible about these charges is the best way to avoid confusion. Making invoices easier to understand can also speed up how fast customers pay them.

It’s Time To Design An Invoice For Your Business

Taking the time to design an invoice for your business can help you make a positive impression on your customers. With the tips in this article, you can generate invoices that are appealing and easy to understand.

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