4 Questions Your Insurance Company Will Ask You After a Car Accident


I think we can all agree car accidents aren’t any fun. Aside from the stress, fear, and anxiety they cause, they can also result in personal injuries, financial losses, and property damages.

Fortunately, most of us have insurance. Or at least you should because it’s illegal to drive without it.

However, after a car accident, the liable insurance company will want to know a few things about the incident before they reach a settlement with you. How you present this information and the evidence you have to back it up will play a major role in how much money you get.

We’re here to shed some light on the topic. Keep reading for four of the most common questions you can expect from a car insurance company.

1. Where and When Did the Car Accident Take Place?

After a car accident, while everything is still fresh in your mind, it’s a good idea to jot a few things down. This will help you recall the finer details later on.

One of the first things the insurance company will want to know is where the car accident happened. Try to give them a specific answer, whether the accident happened in town or on the side of a highway. They’ll also want to know the time and date, which should be easy to remember.

2. Who Were the Other Motorists Involved in the Accident?

After being involved in an accident, it’s vital to get the other driver’s information. This includes:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Insurance provider and contact information

You’ll need this information, particularly if the accident was their fault and you’re filing a claim through their insurance provider. However, your insurance company will also ask for this information.

3. Who Was At Fault?

Of course, after an accident, everyone wants to know whose fault it was. As noted earlier, this will help determine which insurance company pays for damages and injuries.

In the initial report to your insurance company, avoid admitting fault. Wait until the official police report comes out before you assume fault, which could harm your insurance rates and cost you money. Visit morenovalleycaraccidentlawyer.com to learn more about how to get a police report after a car accident.

4. What Damages and Injuries Did You Sustain From the Accident?

Finally, the liable insurance company will want a complete report on your damages after a car accident. This includes personal injuries as well as damages to your vehicle.

However, don’t settle too early, especially if you sustained serious injuries. See a doctor and contact a lawyer to get further guidance. These injuries have life-long consequences for your personal, professional, and financial future.

It’s best to have the full picture in front of you before you accept a settlement offer.

Do You Need Help Dealing With an Insurance Company After a Car Accident?

There’s a lot going on after a car accident. Take things slow and consider these tips before settling for your damages or injuries. Be prepared for the questions listed in this article.

And if you’re looking for more legal tips or financial advice, don’t go anywhere. Check out some of our other articles before you go to find more answers to your questions.