Career Paths You Didn’t Know You Had.


Even years after leaving education, we’re never done learning. It can be easy to fit into one career or industry or sphere of influence and stay there, but in the digitized world of 2022, anything is possible. With the digital transformation of businesses and education alike, there are avenues open to everyone that might fly under your radar.

  1. Table of Contents

    The Medical Industry

Years of training, med-school drama and late-night study sessions are the ingredients to work as a doctor. Well, actually, it isn’t as simple as all that. The medical industry is a behemoth that encompasses hundreds of different job titles and thousands of positions. Access to the industry isn’t as gated as many people assume, and new nurses are needed, especially in today’s world. With online learning opportunities and post-graduate courses, or even vocational training from below a graduate level, everyone can commit to a career helping others from virtually any time in their lives.

Considering a career as a nurse educator is something so specific and uniquely placed that many wouldn’t even have thought of it, despite the benefits.

  1. I.T.

For people who have been out of employment in recent years, this will be more apparent, but there are still many people who have solidified themselves into a role and have missed the digital transformation – or rather missed what it really means for I.T. jobs.

Not only is the job market much wider, with I.T. positions operating at every level of every company, but learning the necessary skills is easier than ever. There’s a reason why when someone says they can’t get a job, they are met with a chant of “Learn to code”.

The learning process is able to be done on your own time, for free through self-teaching, as most I.T. was for years, but also, the learning process is directly vocational. Through learning to code or manage file systems, or even just update software and hardware, you have taken valuable steps towards being able to be paid for such work. Not to mention that even if you don’t pivot your career entirely to I.T., the things you learn there will aid advancement in almost every job on the planet, thanks to digitization and remote working.

  1. Marketing and Promotions

This job differs from the prior two as it is much less vocational and more general. This doesn’t mean there are no prerequisites, but it means the prerequisites are different. Marketing itself dips its toes into business, finance, design, copywriting, administrative management, research – it takes a lot to put together a campaign that targets the right audience in the right way at the right time! This means that whatever experience you have and whatever companies you have worked for, it’s valuable to a marketing team.

The spectrum is vast, and your skills will be used in this career path no matter what they are. Brainstorming marketing pitches is still one of the most varied experiences in business, with things like a company color scheme being as important as the budget for that year’s promos.