Five Surefire Ways of Dealing With a Broken AC Unit


Extreme summer heat can destroy your air conditioning unit.

Your AC unit runs on maximum power during the summer to keep your home cool. So do not be surprised if your AC unit experiences problems during the summer.

There are tell-tale signs when your AC unit is out of commission. A broken air conditioner unit will blow out warm air and run up your electricity bill.

It may be too expensive to fix an HVAC unit during this economy. But you can still stay cool if you have a broken AC unit.

Discover five broken AC solutions to help you beat the heat this summer.

1. Close Windows and Doors

You can let in the cool night air while you sleep. But be sure to close your windows and doors before the sun rises in the morning.

Buy blackout curtains to block the sun’s heat and keep your space cool. Also, check your doors for cracks that may let out your cool air.

Small adjustments will keep you cool while you wait for heating and AC service.

2. Window Unit and Fans

You can supplement a broken HVAC unit with a window unit or box fan. These cooling options were in use before the days of central air conditioning.

Place a window unit in a central location of your home. A central placement will help evenly distribute cool air throughout your home.

Window and pedestal fans are cheaper cooling alternatives. You can move a fan to any room with little effort.

A window unit or fan will also help lower your electricity bill.

3. Utilize Exhaust Fans

Broken HVAC solutions include using household features you already have installed. The exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom can help cool your home.

Use your exhaust fans to suck out the hot air in your home. This cooling method leaves you with fresh air and cuts the stuffiness.

4. Low Wattage and No Lights

The heat from light fixtures gets amplified during the summer months. Create a habit of turning off the lights once you leave a room.

But you can stay cool even while using light fixtures. Consider buying energy-efficient or low-wattage light bulbs to reduce the heat.

Practice both methods for the best cooling results.

5. Keep Your Body Cool

Stay hydrated while your AC is out to avoid any heat-related illnesses. Now is a great time to try out those slushy recipes you had pinned for a special occasion.

Cold showers will help keep you cool by lowering your body temperature. You can also keep ice packs in the freezer in case you need some backup.

Linen bed sheets are another hack that will keep you cool during those summer nights. Also, buy breathable lounge clothes to wear around the house.

Broken AC Unit

A broken AC unit can cost a good amount of money to fix. But you can save money and stay cool by using creative solutions.

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