Hiring Guide for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in Perfect Blockchain


If you look at the statistics, it won’t be difficult to ascertain that the demand for Blockchain jobs is steadily rising since 2016. An increasing number of businesses from diversifying industries are relying on this cutting-edge technology. Still the number of Blockchain developers in the USA is relatively low. As a result finding a skilled and knowledgeable Blockchain developer is nothing short of looking for a needle in a haystack.

There is no second opinion that this talent gap needs to be bridged. As an entrepreneur if you want to know the tactics of recognising skilled and experienced Blockchain engineers to ensure your project is in the right hands then this blog post has something meaningful to offer.

Before setting out to search for technically sound and knowledgeable Blockchain developers, it is important to get certain things cleared in your mind. Do you want:

  • In-house staffs of Blockchain engineers
  • Freelance Blockchain developers or
  • Hire a Blockchain agency or consultancy firm

Hiring freelance developers for Blockchain

Blockchain freelance developers can be found on various freelance platforms online. Toptal and  Upwork are two most reliable names in this context. Apart from that there are many smaller and more specialised marketplaces for Blockchain engineers. Let us explore such destinations in the following section.

  • DREAM – It is a dedicated marketplace to bridge businesses with freelance Blockchain developers. In fact you get only hand-picked Blockchain developers at this platform because DREAM is dedicated to offer businesses with the best Blockchain developers and hence accept only 6% of applicants allowing them to use the platform. Here you get skilled and experienced Blockchain developers both at hourly rates and fixed project basis. There is a 10% platform fee, which is included in the cost of the freelancers.
  • Codementor – this is more of a developer community than a marketplace for freelancers. According to techies at a leading Blockchain development company, thanks to the dedication of hiring consultants, Codementor offers both rapid hiring and risk-free trial. Employers are not required to pay any additional fee here although the platform cost is already included in the rate of the freelancer.   
  • Xbtfreelancer – this is yet another dedicated marketplace for freelancing and it is cent percent focused on Blockchain technology. The website has high-level capability to filter skill sets. It is important to note here payment is accepted in Bitcoin. Moreover, it possesses a huge pool of over 60,000 freelancers although they all are not developers. You get to post a project here free of cost but the platform adds a charge of 69ยข for every transaction to provide support to the Bitcoin network.

Therefore it is correct to conclude that finding skilled and knowledgeable Blockchain developers is not difficult, provided you know where to search. Hiring freelance Blockchain developers is feasible only in short-term projects.

Recruiting in-house blochchain developers

  • If you have a complex project in hand, you should better recruit Blockchain engineers in your in-house team. This proves feasible in long term. Experienced Blockchain developers at Induji Tech have some words of caution.
  • Remember that popular online platforms like Jooble and Indeed are not specialised in Blockchain software developers.
  • Include relevant keywords in with your job description for a Blockchain developer. This makes your search for the right candidates easier.
  • There are tons of tiny job aggregators on these platforms that fetch and re-post job ads.

Last but nevertheless the least both Jooble and Indeed cater to the global community. There are also many popular and reliable local online job boards particular to a country. You are likely to get great support from these local players.