How Exactly Does Your Home Plumbing System Work?


Have you ever been away on a camping trip and ended up missing the comforts of home plumbing? We’ve all been there.

But have you ever been curious as to how your home plumbing system works? Residential plumbing is an essential part of modern life and our homes would not be liveable without it.

Here’s your guide to all things home plumbing.

Water Supply

The first main component of your home plumbing system is the water supply. In the past, this used to be a well. But now in most modern homes, the water supply will come from a municipal supply.

The water travels from the municipal supply through a system of pipes that then transfer the water into your plumbing system when you switch on the tap, shower, or flush the toilet.

Some water supplies will feed into hot water tanks that are installed in houses to ensure that you always have a supply of hot water whenever you need it.

Waste Vent

Your water supply is how your house gets fresh water, but you’ll also produce waste water that needs to flow out of your house. This is where the drain waste vent comes in.

The drain waste vent carries any waste water and sewage away from your house where it goes to be treated and fed back into the municipal supply. This system is very important, and if it breaks it can cause a number of plumbing problems.

If you notice that you have a clogged drain or any other problem with your waste vent system, you should contact a professional plumber.

Kitchen Plumbing

Residential plumbing is essential to a working kitchen. Your kitchen is fed by a network of pipes that can provide you with hot and cold water on demand, as well as a waste water line to drain your sink.

Your kitchen may also have plumbing lines in place for a garbage disposal and ice machine.

Bathroom Plumbing

The bathroom is the most important place your home plumbing system looks after. Behind the walls of your bathroom is an intricate network of metal pipes that feed your bathroom with hot and cold water.

The drainage system is also important in your bathroom as it draws sewage away from your house for it to treated.

If you notice any problems with the plumbing in your bathroom, you should call a plumber as soon as you can.

Your Home Plumbing System is Essential

Your home plumbing system is inseparable from modern life. Our homes wouldn’t work without it and we should be thankful that we have working plumbing every day. If your plumbing ever breaks, it’s vital that you get it fixed by a professional plumber straight away.

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