The One and Only Guide to the Different Types of Parking Lots

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Have you decided where to park your car?

Parking lots are an essential part of the infrastructure of every downtown business, but most people tend to look at them from their cars as they pass them. Few people stop to think about parking lots as distinct and complex parts of urban planning. It’s found everywhere, from residential homes to large businesses.

In this blog, we will guide you on finding the right parking lot. Read on to more about the various types of parking lots.

Commercial Parking Lots

These are typically owned by different merchants, from a small business owner to a large business ownership company, and used by customers or employees to park their vehicles. Commercial parking lot is one of the types of parking lots that must follow specific laws and regulations set by the city or county. The following are the four types of commercial parking lots:

1. Surface Lot

It is the most common and located in any city. It is an open-air parking lot with rows of parked cars and is typically less expensive than the other types of parking. Each parking slot has markings for vehicles to park. Click here to find out how these markings are made.

2. Parking Structure

It has a roof and multiple levels. It is typically more expensive than a surface lot, but offers protection from the elements.

3. Underground Parking

It is a parking lot that is completely underground and often has an elevator to take you to the surface. It is also a more expensive type of parking, but it is the most convenient.

4. Valet Parking

It is a service where someone parks your car for you. We typically find them at high-end hotels and restaurants and are the most expensive type of parking.

Residential Parking Lots

Residential parking lots are the most common. These are the best parking lots that are typically found in neighborhoods and near homes. They are usually small, with only a few spaces, and they are often free to use.

Residents of the surrounding area typically used them and they have strict rules about who can park there. Most of the time, you need a permit to park in a residential parking lot.

Industrial Parking Lots

Industrial parking lots are typically large, open spaces that and surrounded by warehouses or other industrial buildings. They often use these parking lots for commercial vehicles, as they can accommodate large trucks and trailers. This kind of parking lot typically has concrete surfaces and are well-lit, making them safe and easy to use.

Government Parking Lots

They designed this kind of parking lot to accommodate the vehicles of government employees and officials. These parking lots are usually located near government buildings and have designated spaces for different types of vehicles. This type of parking lot is typically well-lit and has security cameras installed.

Airport Parking Lots

These parking lots have two main types which are terminal and satellite parking. Terminal parking is the most convenient option because it is near the airport terminal and often connected to the terminal via a shuttle. Satellite parking can be further away from the terminal, but is often cheaper than terminal parking.

Understanding the Different Types of Parking Lots

Now that you know the different types of parking lots, you can choose the best one for your specific needs, whether it is a commercial, residential, industrial, government or airport parking lot.

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