The Top 5 Qualities That Make a Person an Exceptional Leader


Do you want to find out the top qualities of an effective leader?

Only 10% of people have innate leadership skills. However, even an average person can develop them over time. As someone looking to develop their leadership qualities, it might be confusing where to start.

You came to the right place if you want to learn the specific skills of a leader. Below, we will discuss how to be an effective leader. Read on and find out more:

1. Self-Awareness and Humility

The first leadership characteristic is self-awareness. You must become knowledgeable about yourself before everything or everyone else. Having this characteristic allows you to be more realistic and critical.

With self-awareness, you also become more humble. You know your limits and weaknesses while understanding your strengths. You will strive to work on improving the former while using the latter.

2. Empathy

Have you noticed how most ineffective leaders lack compassion? Sometimes, they make smart, practical decisions. Even so, their team members remain doubtful because they feel unappreciated.

You cannot be an effective leader when you do not have an emotional connection with your team.

This connection is all about knowing your team members’ needs. It is the quality to help build trust with your team. Learn more about the emotional intelligence test for leaders today.

3. Communication and Listening Skills

Being a leader is not about having the loudest voice in the room. Instead, leadership is about becoming an excellent communicator. Admirable leaders know when to speak and when to listen to their team members.

Many good leaders talk to people more than an average person. It also enables them to see things from the perspective of their members.

4. Confidence

Confidence is another of the many essential leadership qualities. It is a difficult skill to come by, and not everybody can be as confident as natural leaders. The confidence of a leader comes from having the means of making informed decisions.

When another person proves a leader wrong, they shoulder the blame. This willingness to take risks and be accountable is what makes an effective leader. This same confidence is also what allows them to face criticism without hesitation.

5. Drive and Resilience

The last of the qualities of an effective leader is their drive. A leader is not a passive type of person since they have the motivation and focus. This passion inspires others to work harder in the workplace, as well.

At the same time, leaders often face adversity. A natural leader has the mental fortitude to push forward despite hardships. Some even use creative problem-solving and take pride in overcoming obstacles.

Develop the Top Qualities of an Effective Leader

These are the primary qualities of an effective leader. Other attributes also affect your leadership style. Now you know what makes an effective leader, you are ready to strengthen your skills.

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