What to Look for When Hiring a Restoration Technician

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According to a 2021 report, natural and man-made disasters caused damage totaling $89 billion in insured losses the previous year. Should your property need restoration after such an event, you may need to hire a restoration technician.

But, unless you have worked with these types of professionals before, you might not know how to choose a high-quality restoration company. Hiring a contractor who is not up to the task could result in your property being left in poor condition or even make it uninhabitable.

That’s why we’re going to list some key qualities you can look for when selecting an excellent restoration firm.

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Range of Restoration Experience

Some restoration companies may be unable to help with all the damage to your property. For example, a storm may have caused flood damage and started a fire. In this scenario, you’ll want to hire a professional trained in both storm damage restoration and fire restoration.

Before employing a firm, ask about their range of expertise and confirm they have the skills to work on your property’s specific damage types.

Company Reputation

You should ask if restoration services have recommendations from their customers. If not, this could indicate they perform substandard work. But, if you can see a technician has a large number of positive reviews, it can reassure you that they are experts in their industry.

It’s also quick and easy to look for online reviews about a company, but you should remember that some comments may be unfair. One or two negative reviews are likely nothing to be concerned about, but a trend could suggest there is a problem with a firm’s services.


When disaster strikes, a fast response is essential. A top-class firm such as servpro of Yonkers North is available 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to start the damage limitation and restoration process as soon as possible.

Not only can rapid action reduce the amount of harm caused, but it can also help to reduce your restoration bill.

Restoration Services Costs

While there will be a cost for restoration services, there is no need to overpay. Research what the going market rates are, and confirm your preferred firm is within your budget.

Don’t automatically rule out hiring a company that charges more than some of its rivals. If you ask, you may find they invest more in restoration technician training and modern technology. This could mean you get better results when the work is completed.

Hire a Restoration Technician That Can Return Your Property to Pristine Condition

The best restoration technician can get your property back into shape even if it has suffered severe damage. To find the right professional, you should ask about their industry experience and confirm they have references from previous customers. It’s also vital to check when they can attend your property and ensure they charge affordable fees.

This can help ease the stress of getting your property back to good as new condition.

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