5 Common Reasons to Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Wrongful death lawsuits often make big headlines. The mother of a 20-year-old man who was killed in a DC police pursuit is seeking $100 million for her son’s death. Following an alleged wrongful death, family members rely on a wrongful death lawyer to seek a settlement.

A wrongful death lawsuit cannot bring back a lost loved one, but a settlement can cover medical and funeral costs associated with an untimely death. In some cases, a wrongful death attorney can seek settlements that help families and loved ones recoup lost income from the deceased individual.

If you are wondering if you should be hiring a lawyer for a wrongful death lawsuit, we’ll cover five common reasons to hire a wrongful death attorney.

1. You Don’t Have Money for Legal Services

Many people think that families have to pay for wrongful death services. Wrongful death lawsuits are unique because attorneys are not paid unless a wrongful death settlement is reached.

Wrongful death attorneys generally are paid through a percentage of the final settlement. If you believe you are a candidate for a wrongful death lawsuit, don’t let worries about legal fees hold you back.

2. You Don’t Know How to Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Wrongful death attorneys can ensure that insurance companies and insurance adjusters pay what you are owed. Insurance companies do not always have your best interest at heart, but your lawyer does.

Don’t let objection letters deter you. If you are looking for types of attorneys who can negotiate with those companies, your best bet is to hire a wrongful death attorney.

3. You Do Not Know the Potential of Your Claim

Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with a wrongful death claim. For most people, a wrongful death lawsuit is the first time they have had to deal with wrongful death examples and wrongful death legal proceedings. If you are not sure what your potential wrongful death claim could be, you should rely on the services of a wrongful death attorney.

4. Find Closure Sooner

Following a tragic death, a wrongful death suit can help you and your family find closure. Costly medical bills and the lost income from a deceased family member can add stress to an already stressful situation.

A wrongful death attorney can help you recoup the monies that you are entitled to. If an individual or group was responsible for your loved one’s death, a settlement in your favor can further help you and your family find closure.

5. You Need Help Navigating the Legal Process

Courts are notoriously complicated and hard to navigate. Wrongful deaths vary by state. Waiting too long to file a suit could mean that you miss the statute of limitations.

Hire the Best Wrongful Death Lawyer

Finding the right wrongful death lawyer can help you and your family find closure following a wrongful death. Depending on your situation, your claim could be worth tens of thousands or more. Settlements often consider the lost income that results from death.

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