How to Beat a DUI Case: 5 Crucial Tips


It’s normal to be anxious when arrested over DUI as you face stiff fines or even a jail term. 3 out of 5 people arrested for DUI are convicted, so your chances of being acquitted are slim. Besides, court appearances are time-consuming and will take a toll on your social life.

To get out of this tricky situation, you need to learn how to beat a DUI case. You want to know what you can do to make the court drop the DUI charges you’re facing. In addition, you’re seeking ideas on how you can expedite the process and get a ruling quickly.

To assist you, here are five crucial tips on how to beat a DUI case.

1. Don’t Speak until Your Attorney is Present

When arrested over DUI, many people make statements that the police use against them in court. So, be smart and take advantage of your right to remain silent when arrested over drunk driving. Only speak when your DUI attorney is present to get legal counsel on how to beat these charges.

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2. Ask for Evidence that You Were Driving

The other way to get out of a DUI is to ask for proof that you were driving. For instance, if the police arrest you in a parked car, you can use this defense. Or you were involved in an accident, and you had exited the car before the police arrived, they may not be able to prove you were driving.

3. Argue the Traffic Stop Was Unlawful

It’s against the law for a police officer to pull you over without probable cause. So you can use this as a DUI defense when arrested. The court will drop the DUI charges if it rules the traffic stop was unlawful.

4. Question the Reliability of the Sobriety Test

Sobriety tests are not perfect, and you can question their reliability when facing DUI charges. You argue that external factors influenced the tests and results. The strategy is to persuade the court to suppress the sobriety test evidence.

5. Argue Late DUI Charge Filing

When facing your first DUI charge, consult an experienced DUI lawyer on the case filing deadline. If the prosecutors don’t meet this deadline, then you can use this as your defense. Besides, the lawyer will help you request the court to expedite the trial.

Learn How to Beat a DUI Case by Consulting the Top Attorney

You need to find a competent attorney who’ll guide you on how to beat a DUI case. Your DUI lawyer will help you learn how to dispute evidence against you. Besides, the attorney knows the best DUI defense strategies to employ to ensure you get a favorable ruling.

You want a lawyer who knows all the above tips and when to use them.

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