The Complete Guide to Buying Men’s Clothing Online: Everything to Know


The average person spends nearly $200 every year on clothes. So finding the perfect attire on that budget isn’t easy. After all, the internet has thousands of clothing brands to offer. Where should you start your search?

Men tend to spend even less than women on clothes, so buying men’s clothing online takes a bit of planning. To help, we’ve put together this guide on finding the perfect men’s outfits when shopping online.

Measure First

You don’t want to start shopping, find a product, and then have to stop and check measurements. With clothing like men’s shirts and pants, it’s essential to get the proper measures from the outset.

You’ll need to measure the chest area around the broadest part. You’ll need to measure the waist (near the belly button). You’ll want the hip measurements and the inner length. If buying shirts, you’ll also want to measure your neck circumference.

Consider a Capsule Wardrobe

Instead of searching shops for multiple pieces, plan. A capsule wardrobe involves a minimal number of items you can mix and match throughout the week, including day, evening, and work outfits.

You can get some inspiration by visiting places like Pinterest or Instagram for some style guides. There are also styling apps and websites that will provide recommended outfits.

You should also consider your style needs. Do you prefer clothes that look tailored and polished? Or do you like casual? Perhaps you want modern, hipster brands. Or do you generally choose more conservative outfits?

Maybe you’re someone who often opts for sportswear, or you are active enough to be in sportswear most of the day. Something like this here might be your preferred style.

Set Your Budget

An overall budget will ensure you search for the right brands for your clothes. Men’s clothing prices vary considerably, and high-end stores could offer your perfect item, but it might be out of your price range.

Once you have your budget, you can start comparing clothing prices. Make a shortlist of clothing brands within your price range, and stick to searching for those.

Consider Subscription Services

Subscription clothes services aren’t suitable for everyone, but it’s worth considering what’s on offer in your country. If you buy similar essentials, you might feel that ordering via subscription is more convenient.

Pick Your Favorite Brands

Big online clothing stores tend to offer multiple brands. So it’s worth exploring some brand names to find the ones that best match your style.

That’s helpful if you search large online shops as they often have hundreds or even thousands of products, and you need a way of filtering your list. Don’t forget to read online customer reviews to discover the quality of the clothing.

Buying Men’s Clothing Online

You don’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity to dress stylishly. With so many choices online, it’s possible to find the perfect outfit within your budget when buying men’s clothing online.

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