5 Meaningful Best Man Gift Ideas


Do you want to give your best man a gift that they will never forget? Your best friend (or friends!) will play a huge part in the biggest day of your life, from speeches to standing by your side as you vow to love and cherish your partner.

So of course, you want to show them some appreciation for being there for you, not just on the day but on every day leading up to it. But what is a good best man gift idea?

There are loads of options; some meaningful, some funny, some downright silly. Only you can know what will mean the most to your best man, but we’re here to help you with some meaningful ideas so keep reading!

1. Personalized Print

Here’s something that is not only personal to you and your best man, but he can also display it proudly in his home.

Is there an iconic photo of the two of you? You could go a few ways with this. Maybe a picture of a funny moment from your bachelor party? Or a precious memory of a trip you took? Or even a picture of you as children if you go that far back!

2. Cufflinks

The classic best man gift. Cufflinks are timeless, meaningful, smart, and personal.

Thanks to the internet, you can probably have just about anything as a cufflink! Think of a funny or memorable story; is there any way for you to symbolize the story? You could even have plain cufflinks engraved with your names or an important date.

3. Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a unique option but if they are something that you and your best man know about or collect, it’s a really cool idea to give him his own custom coins!

Traditionally, the use of these coins was to prove membership to a club or organization, so why not authenticate your friendship with a challenge coin that is unique to you both?

Check out some customization options on challengecoins4less.com.

4. Personalized Jewelry

For a meaningful but discreet gift, consider some jewelry for your best man or groomsmen.

Bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings aren’t exclusive to women, so if you feel like they are something the men close to you would appreciate, consider personalizing them and giving them as gifts.

5. A Gifted Subscription

Subscription services are plentiful thanks to the ease of access to them through the internet.

Is your best man into craft beer? There are countless subscriptions to these all over the world! Or maybe they’re a little bit hipster and enjoy vinyl records? There’s even a subscription for these!

Whatever it is, subscriptions are great wedding gifts, if a little obscure!

Which Best Man Gift Idea Piqued Your Interest?

Hopefully, these gifts for a best man will have given you some hope that you’ll find the perfect memento. Whatever best man gift idea you decide to go with in the end, your best man or groomsmen will know that it comes from a place of gratitude and so will mean the world to them.

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