How to Sell Digital Art Successfully


The Covid pandemic has changed more than just how people work, but also how people see their jobs. That change in perspective led around 20 million people to wave goodbye to their former employers in the back half of 2021.

Many of those people simply traded up one employer for a different employer. Some people retired outright. Some aspiring spirits struck off of their own to launch e-commerce businesses, pursue artistic endeavors, or a combination of both with digital art.

Of course, the challenge with an art career focused on digital art is the question: “How to sell digital art?” Keep reading for some key tips on selling your digital art.

Keep an Eye on Digital Art Trends

One of the keys to selling digital artwork is knowing what the customers want at the moment. For example, NFTs are still a big deal real now. An NFT is a kind of blockchain token known as a non-fungible token.

Essentially, artists create one-of-a-kind digital artwork pieces and then sell the original to buyers. For more on NFTs and digital artwork, click here.

Keeping an eye on digital trends can let you get in early on the latest wave and potentially make a killing.


While it might sound like something out of an old-fashioned novel, artists still get commissions. They just don’t come from wealthy patrons the way they did in the old days.

For example, a business will commission a graphic artist to make a logo. Families will commission family photographs that the photographer delivers in a portfolio of digital files.

How do you get commissions? Some of it will come through word of mouth. Some of it you must encourage on your own, which we’ll cover below.

Marketing Yourself

Successfully selling digital art requires that you market yourself. There are some key tools you’ll need for that, such as:

  • Social media profiles
  • Website
  • Selling tool

In terms of social media, you need profiles on at least one of the big sites, such as Facebook. Beyond that, you want to focus on image-centric social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. TikTok has potential for artists in terms of giving an insider peek at your process.

You should also consider sales platforms geared toward your type of artwork. Photographers, for example, can put their images on stock photo sites. There are also platforms geared for graphic design and NFTs.

How to Sell Digital Art

There is no single answer to the “how to sell digital art” question. For some people, commissions you get through word of mouth will represent the bulk of your business.

For others, it’s a more meandering path that involves some self-promotion. That self-promotion will happen on social media, a well-designed website that shows off a little bit of your work, and through platforms that specialize in selling your type of art.

Keep an eye on digital art trends to make sure you stay relevant.

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