Artist vs Musician: What Are the Differences?


When it comes to talent, artist vs musician are two terms that are normally used interchangeably. However, no matter how similar artists and musicians may seem, there are some major differences between these two professions.

If you’re looking to hire a musician or artist, you’ll want to know the differences so you hire the right person for your event. Continue reading to learn the main differences between an artist and a musician.

What is an Artist?

The word artist is a generalized term that can be used across a variety of different artistic expressions. Calling someone an artist means they are talented in a specific skill. This skill could include painting, sculpture, photography, dancing, and much more.

The word artist is so broad it can also incorporate chefs, authors, crafters, and more. Being an artist used to mean you were a painter. In today’s world, however, artistry can come from anywhere. Nowadays, more people are creating art in unconventional ways.

The best artist is someone who can elicit emotion and connect with their audience through their art. This is why the term artist can cover a lot of ground. If your work conveys meaning in a creative way, you could consider yourself an artist.

When it comes to the music industry, there are also differences between an artist and a musician. A musical artist can be a producer or songwriter. Someone who has mastered the art of creating a full song from scratch would be considered an artist.

What is a Musician?

While an artist is a broad term for any type of art, a musician is a broad term specifically used in the music industry. A musician is someone who composes, conducts or performs music.

Similarly, a musician can also be someone who plays an instrument. This could include instruments in an orchestra, band, or their very own vocal instrument. Not everyone who plays an instrument, however, would be considered a musician.

A key factor in what makes a musician a musician is the ability to perform the instrument well. This shows that the musician has talent to be able to make this a career. If you’re looking to hire a musician for a special event, you want to be sure you hire the best musician who has the skillset to perform the songs requested.

Musicians can learn songs by reading sheet music or by listening to a song and playing by ear. Musicians also have the ability to create music. For example, composers can write each individual instrument of a particular song and string it all together.

Conductors can also be considered musicians. A conductor interprets a musical piece and ensures the band or orchestra plays that piece in the right timing. Having this ear is a musical skill that not all musicians have.

Artist vs Musician

Determining the difference between an artist vs musician really comes down to their area of expertise. While a musician can be considered an artist, not every artist can be considered a musician.

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